Nursing-Friendly Wedding Attire

At just six weeks postpartum, I felt anxious about attending my husband’s brother’s wedding. What would I find to wear that flattered my changing body? When would I find time to shop for such a dress? Would it even be possible to find something that worked both for nursing and figure-flattering?

I made my way to A Mother’s Boutique one day with my newborn in tow (I took advantage of the comfy armchair for a nursing break) and tried on pretty much every dress in the store before I found this wonderful cowl-neck dress tucked among the others. I am here to tell you that yes. It looks awesome on the skinny mannequin. But it also looked and felt fabulous on me!

The jersey material will not wrinkle, so I knew it was a great choice to stuff in my carry-on bag among the diapers and burp cloths while I flew to this wedding.

The ruched design of the dress, meant to accommodate a pregnant belly, also flatters a postpartum body. The dress has drapey ties that gather to one side and draw the eye away. The cowl neckline was so cool I felt like I didn’t need to worry about a necklace (that my older kids might tug and break anyway).

But my favorite part was the nursing opening! There’s a flap across the top of the dress, so if I pulled down the cowl a bit and lifted the flap, I could discretely nurse my newborn and no one was the wiser!

Many of my husband’s relatives came up to me to say, “Let me hold that baby so you can have a break!” And they didn’t even realize he was having a snack at that moment.

I need to mention that I received an employee discount to purchase this dress, but I would have happily paid full price for it.

I asked whether Judy had it in other colors, because I was prepared to buy 5 of them.

I think it would work great for fancy occasions, and also be appropriate for networking or other work events that pop up for me. I can imagine this nursing opening in particular working very well for pumping moms as well. I give this dress two enthusiastic thumbs up!


Have you bought a dress from our collection that you just love? Leave us a comment to share your favorite.

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