Trying to Wear a “Regular” Dress for Nursing?

Ever been invited to a wedding or a fancy party and tried to see if one of your “regular” dresses might fit the bill for nursing your baby (or pumping if you leave baby at home)?

We’ve heard tales of women agonizing over every v-neck dress on a retro fashion website, seeking out customized . . . → Read More: Trying to Wear a “Regular” Dress for Nursing?

How to Nurse (or Pump) at a Formal Function

I’ve been nursing for 5 years straight now, and have been to a few formal affairs in that time period. It always seems much easier in theory than in practice to nurse a baby (or pump milk for the baby) while surrounded by black ties and sparkly gowns. Pumping is way more of a . . . → Read More: How to Nurse (or Pump) at a Formal Function

Nursing-Friendly Wedding Attire

At just six weeks postpartum, I felt anxious about attending my husband’s brother’s wedding. What would I find to wear that flattered my changing body? When would I find time to shop for such a dress? Would it even be possible to find something that worked both for nursing and figure-flattering?

I made . . . → Read More: Nursing-Friendly Wedding Attire

International Travel with Nursling

My family is headed to Belize for a wedding this spring. I say my family, because as much as I’d love a tropical island vacation with my husband, I can’t leave my nursling for 5 days! He’s coming, too.

The last time I went someplace tropical was my honeymoon to St. Lucia in . . . → Read More: International Travel with Nursling

Nursing Mamas and Wedding Bells

My husband and I got married and had kids a few years ahead of our friends, so as I nurse my second baby, we’re starting to get invites to some fancy, adults-only weddings. I could spend years discussing my thoughts on whether an exclusively breastfed infant “counts” as a child at weddings, but in . . . → Read More: Nursing Mamas and Wedding Bells

Cool, Comfortable and Organic

Yesterday in Pittsburgh, PA it was an amazing, beautiful sunny day. The air was still crisp but the sun’s warmth instilled the fact that summer is really just around the corner. So for our Wordless Wednesday feature I just had to share with you the Organic Sleepy Dress.

The Organic Sleepy Dress is . . . → Read More: Cool, Comfortable and Organic

Shh…It’s A Secret!

No One Will Ever Guess this is a Nursing Dress!