Nursing-Friendly Wedding Attire

At just six weeks postpartum, I felt anxious about attending my husband’s brother’s wedding. What would I find to wear that flattered my changing body? When would I find time to shop for such a dress? Would it even be possible to find something that worked both for nursing and figure-flattering?

I made . . . → Read More: Nursing-Friendly Wedding Attire

That Pregnancy Glow!

Perfect For Special Occasions

Chantel Dress & Maya Wrap: Great For Weddings!

Yesterday we posted another one of our winners from the September 2008 Baby Photo Contest, Ellen and JacAlan. Ellen’s testimony shows how a great nursing dress and a comfy Maya Wrap are even great for weddings! The Chantel Dress by Annee Matthew makes it possible to wear a dress and nurse your baby without . . . → Read More: Chantel Dress & Maya Wrap: Great For Weddings!