Getting The Best Fit Out of Your Bra

I have been doing a lot of bra fittings lately (in person and virtually) – and one thing that I have noticed is that many moms aren’t adjusting their bras to give them optimal support. So I thought I would pass along a few tips.

1) Make sure you have a properly fitting bra – and if you don’t – get one – it will make a WORLD of difference in your level of happiness. There is NOTHING that can brighten your day like a good bra!

2) Put your bra on and adjust it so that the band is SNUG, but not too tight. Having your band properly adjusted will help to keep in place – there is nothing more annoying than having your band ride up your back. If your band is riding up in the back, then you need to tighten your bra or get a smaller size band.

3) Adjust your straps so that they are snug as well. Many moms wear their straps too loose. Tightening them will give you much needed support and lift. And will make your posture better too! If you don’t like the feeling of having tight straps, then invest in a pair of Strapees – they make a world of difference by spreading out the weight of your straps so that they are comfortable and by preventing your straps from sliding off of your shoulders. If when you tighten your straps, your band starts riding up, then you need to have a tighter band too.

These two, very minor adjustments, will make a world of difference in the comfort of your bra – even the one you are currently wearing! Try it out and leave a comment letting me know if you feel better.

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  • Anonymous

    no me, but friend of mine i could tell was *SO* wearing the wrong size. Just for kicks I gave her one of mine that was too small. It looked FABULOUS and fit her perfectly. She couldn’t believe what it was like to wear a bra that actually fit properly. WHen she went into work the next day, people kept complimenting her on how much weight she’s lost, b/c the last bra had her boobs kind of melding with her belly. Now she has lift, shape etc. NOTHING beats what a good bra can do for you, and even more so when it’s fitted properly.

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