Facebook Is At It Again

Wow – I just participated in an AWESOME Live Chat over at The Leaky B@@b’s facebook page – it was fantastic!! What was I doing during this chat – I was helping moms- and many of them have already told me what a great help it was! But right at the end of the chat, I received this message from facebook:

Block! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users.
You have been blocked from commenting on public posts because you repeatedly misused this feature. This block will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When you are allowed to reuse this feature, please proceed with caution. Further misuse may result in your account being permanently disabled. For further information, please visit our FAQ page .

Now, if you go to their FAQ page, you will see that
1) They can not lift the block
2) The block can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days
3) If I try to post any messages during the block, it may extend the block (the only way I can test to see if it has been lifted is by posting…so there’s a conundrum for you!)
4) I was supposed to have been sent “warning messages” WHICH I WAS NOT SENT

What was I doing? I was chatting about boobs and breastfeeding with moms who needed my advice. I wasn’t able to keep giving them my advice because FACEBOOK BLOCKED me! My page is still active and I can post from my personal account – but my business account – the account that I use to HELP MOMS from – has been blocked – for god only knows how long!

So what is a mom to do?? I was participating in a chat where I was the SPONSOR and I was EXPECTED to participate and respond to questions and keep up with the chat – and facebook blocked me. And the hardest part is that there isn’t anyone that I can call to “explain” what happened. When you use facebook – you are at the “mercy” of facebook. I had my entire page shut down (personal and business) for 2 weeks one time and never did find out why!

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  • I HATE that this happened! I suspect that it was a volume thing but at the same time how were you to know? And why can’t we appeal it? How are pages supposed to interact? And where is the line for too many posts? I am so disappointed in this.

    However, you were WONDERFUL and helped so many moms. The thing with you Judy is even Facebook can’t stop you from helping moms!

  • Now we can be blocked for chatting about breastfeeding?! Unbelievable!

  • Ali

    The only way fb might actually stop with all this anti-bfing stuff is if & when people quit over it. Vote with your clicks. Fb has all the power b/c no one can get off their teet (pun intended).

  • There is a point where they have gone too far….they have reached that a while back. But this is outragous. All because of a live chat? Where in the rules is that wrong? I will be spreading the word!

  • I can’t imagine what it will take to get facebook to respond to repeated blockings of breastfeeding-related support. Perhaps it will take someone high up in facebook’s programming team to have a baby and struggle with breastfeeding before these pages are given equal value to spring break wet t-shirt contest images!

  • Well clearly you were abusive if you were talking about breastfeeding, right? GACH! This seems to come back to the same issue as when @LeakyBoob and @EarthMama BF photos were removed – we really are “guests” on Facebook and at the mercy of their rules of use. I completely understand the frustration of not having a ready contact to argue your point, that you and Jessica were providing much needed support for breastfeeding mamas. Let us know how we can help and we’re on it. XO

  • Thanks Melinda! At this point, I think our best defense against facebook’s ridiculous policies is press – so getting the word out as best as we can. Anything you can do to let them know that this behavior isn’t acceptable would be appreciated – blog about, tell your friends in the press – and let’s get some coverage!! Thanks! – Judy

  • Kristy Lewis

    I had the same thing happen to me last night. I was commenting on the “Casey Anthony Update” page. It’s hard to not comment on that one. But, I guess I commented too much. Which is hard to do, considering there were over 3000 comments and you have to refresh your page every 2 seconds to be able to respond. I received the same exact message you posted in your comment. I still cannot comment and am scared to try to see if the ban has been lifted. This is ridiculous. I read something about them doing this to avoid “phishing” and I’m not even sure what that is. I did not get a warning about it either. I cannot even comment on my friends photos right now…..SO FRUSTRATED!

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