The No-Cry Nap Solution

If you have been reading Mommy News Blog in the past months, you know that one of our favorite guest writers is Elizabeth Pantley. Elizabeth is a raved author, educator, speaker and most importantly a mother of four. She understands the frustration that parents go through- including the daily fights to get your little one to have a relaxing and restful nap.
No Cry Nap Solution

It’s not just baby and toddler (and preschooler) that needs those quiet moments in the afternoon, but mom and dad too. If you are anything like me when nap time comes around- I’m MORE than ready. I need those moments of peace just as much as he does. Time to turn the brain off and just take a few minutes to myself. Of course those minutes can get chopped down here and there when I’m constantly having to go to his room and quiet him.

So if you are doing the “it’s time to take a nap” routine every day and making naptime a time of dread for both mom and child- then I suggest you grab a copy of Elizabeth’s new book The No-Cry Nap Solution: Guaranteed Gentle Ways to Solve All Your Naptime Problems from Amazon or your local public or mommy group library.

Have you read this book?
How has Elizabeth’s tips and views on naps helped you with your little ones?
I’d love to know what your nap ‘rituals’ are in your household!


3 comments to The No-Cry Nap Solution

  • Ruth N.

    I haven’t read the book, but I can say what our nap times are like. I’ve never had issues with nap time in our home. Even our older children (we homeschool, so I have all 5 at home all day) rarely give any fuss when it’s quiet time. And that scheduled quiet time each day gives the younger ones the chance to sleep that they wouldn’t get otherwise, plus peace for me as you mentioned above!
    My baby goes to sleep at 2pm regularly, with slight variation on weekends, and if she does cry or fuss it’s never for more than a couple minutes. The rest of the children start quiet time at 2:30, and they are required to stay quietly in their beds until 3:30. Asking to get up early carries a 5 minute penalty, so they learn quickly to be quiet and wait for the timer to go off. My 4yo still naps quite often, and even my 6yo sometimes falls asleep.
    I would say that routine really helps, because once they get used to sleeping at a certain time of day, they will sleep, whether they are in their bed at home or not. My baby sleeps quite well at other people’s homes. And just yesterday I forgot to lay her down in her crib at 2, and she simply fell asleep on the floor where she’d been playing, and slept soundly for an hour.
    I would think (and again, I haven’t read the book) that if you pick a time for naps that your baby is actually sleepy but not overly exhausted, they shouldn’t give you much trouble. But follow your baby. Some children need a lot more sleep than others do. My baby doesn’t need nearly the sleep that her older sisters did at her age, but not as much as my son did. There’s not really any “one size fits all” naptime. You have to find what works for you and your family, and work with establishing that.

  • I don’t really have a good routine established for naptimes but my 8 month old goes to sleep pretty easily during the day when he is tired. Night time is another story altogether. I just received The No-Cry Sleep Solution in the mail today. I ordered it with one of the gift cards I got for Christmas. I have the one for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers but never really got to read it. I will have to read them all now.


  • Thankfully my daughter has been really good about naps since she was born! She’s just as ready to go to sleep as I am when naptime comes around – usually. :-) But I know that can change as she gets older, so it’s nice to have a recommended book for future reference! Thank you!

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