CNN’s Toxic America

Along the lines of my recent posts on pesticides and food and our lawns, I thought you might be interested in this year-long study which will be featured on CNN this week. Tune in and come back here to comment on what you thought of the program!

Wednesday and Thursday, June 2nd . . . → Read More: CNN’s Toxic America

Preservatives And Vaccines

Today’s post is inspired by a question that I received from a new mom. She is getting ready to get a flu shot for her 8-month old and asked for my feedback. I personally have always given my son the flu shot. But what I learned over the last few years is that you . . . → Read More: Preservatives And Vaccines

Creating A Healthy Environment For Our Children

Today, in the United States, we are seeing a rise in chronic childhood disease and illness.  Our children are suffering from asthma, learning and developmental disabilities, autism and cancer,  just to name a few. There is increasing scientific evidence that chemicals and other dangerous toxins in the environment are causing many of these childhood . . . → Read More: Creating A Healthy Environment For Our Children