Creating A Healthy Environment For Our Children

Today, in the United States, we are seeing a rise in chronic childhood disease and illness.  Our children are suffering from asthma, learning and developmental disabilities, autism and cancer,  just to name a few.
Green Cleaning
There is increasing scientific evidence that chemicals and other dangerous toxins in the environment are causing many of these childhood diseases.  There are over 80,000 chemicals that have been introduced in the last 50 years and they are used in many products that are found in our homes, daycare centers and schools.  These chemicals are in food, cleaning products, paints, furniture, carpets and personal care products.  They have never been tested for their toxicity to adults, let alone children.  It was shown, in a study done on cord blood right after birth, that babies born today have on average 200 industrial chemicals in their bodies at birth.  These chemicals can disrupt a child’s development and cause issues that will have an effect on a child throughout his/her life.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers have the ability to stop this rise in childhood illness by making a child’s home, daycare center and school environments safer and healthier.  There are many simple, positive changes that can be made by all of us.Protect Our Children

  • Be aware of and educate yourself about these dangerous chemicals
  • Learn about healthier solutions and safer products that are available
  • Become an advocate for better corporate policies and government legislation that protect children
  • Encourage others in your community to become more responsible and make better choices so that all children will grow up in a safer, healthier world

Begin today by visiting to start educating yourself.  On this site you will find possible solutions and learn how you can become an advocate for change in your community and nationally.  As a supporter of the Healthy Child Healthy World organization I will be posting articles frequently to this blog to alert you to current news on this topic and give ideas and information about making changes that will benefit all of us but most importantly the future, Our Children.

Beth Egan is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 4. As a former teacher, Beth enjoys educating others on the importance of living green and removing the toxins from your home and the environment. She does this through articles, guest blogging, and her business with Shaklee.

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  • Great article. Something that makes me crazy is all of the non-organic fertilizers and weed killers that people put on their lawns. This is running into the streets which gets back to our lakes, streams and reservoirs…this water will become our drinking water.

    We need to be more aware of the impact of our daily activities.

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