Still Nursing While Pregnant


Maybe this little guy will wean soon?

I was so sure my son would wean when I left him with my parents for three days over spring break. I was so sure of it! He was down to once or twice every 2 days. I was not offering, not really refusing (but certainly suggesting other things). I even started wearing regular bras!IMG_0802IMG_0802
IMG_0802 IMG_0802But as soon as we were reunited, he nursed for a half hour and is now back to asking me multiple times a day. He even asks in public again, which he hasn’t asked to do in many months.

So I’m 28 weeks pregnant and still nursing my toddler, and coming to terms with the idea that I might just well be tandem nursing for awhile.

The thought of tandem nursing with my older son terrified me, but I’m really feeling ok about it with my soon-to-be middle child. Would I prefer that he wean before the baby arrives? Yes. Very much.

Would this make things easier? Not in any quantifiable way, but probably.

But I’m not concerned enough to be more aggressive with weaning.

Right now, I for sure set limits. We only nurse at home. As soon as I start to feel discomfort or just overwhelmed, I tell him I’ll sing Happy Birthday one time and then that’s it. And I only nurse during the day time.

I’ve been really surprised at how my son seems to respond to these consistent parameters. He came into my room at 4 in the morning asking for milkies the other day and I said, “not right now. Look–it’s still dark outside.”

And he said, “Oh. Ok.” And he walked back to his room and climbed back in his bed to sleep some more. I was flabbergasted! He’s so logical sometimes. (Sometimes)

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m really hoping that summertime and outdoor activities and lots of water play will tire him out so much he stops asking to nurse. I sure am hoping that the end of the school year means his big brother will be around more to distract him from nursing.

It’s also true that I’ll be a bit sad when my wee baby stops nursing once and for all.

So, like usual, we’re going one day at a time over here, and it’s pretty nice. (Though I’ve kept wearing the regular bras. Woah! Regular bras!)

Did you nurse through pregnancy? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

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