Mommy Necklaces: A Gush Fest

Long before I even began working with A Mother’s Boutique, I bought a Mommy Necklace for my first baby. I love that necklace, still, 3.5 years later, although my preschooler has taken ownership of it now.

As a baby, he really loved playing with it while I was nursing and I bought a color scheme that matched all of my nuring shirts, so I could wear the necklace daily. Almost every photograph of me from 2009 on shows me wearing my Mommy Necklace.

Notice how beautiful my Mommy Necklace looks!

Notice how beautiful my Mommy Necklace looks!

I even wear it when I’m not around my kids, because I think it’s pretty, and nearly always get questions or comments about it. The Mommy Necklace is a great conversation-starter, let me tell you.

Because my son had grown so attached to it and because I wanted at least a few new things for my second baby, I decided to get a new one. I picked a new color scheme and found DS2 is equally fond of “his” nursing necklace.

The problem is that my older son is also fond of his brother’s nursing necklace. They fight over the necklaces, darn it. Because the safety closure is designed to break-away under moderate tugging, I often find my two kids are yanking the necklaces off my body while they squabble over whose turn it is to fiddle with the dangling donut.

(Aside: Did you know 9-month-old babies were already old enough to squabble? It’s true!)

Sometimes I have to put the necklaces in time-out.

One day, while the necklace was in time out, I was putting DS2 down for his nap when I heard DS1 wailing, sobbing, super distraught. He had somehow managed to break the Mommy Necklace! I could tell he was shocked. He stood crying amongst a heap of scattered beads, holding the ripped cord in his fists.

I felt immediately disappointed that I wouldn’t have my necklace to wear. I tried to calm down my son and we crawled around the room scooping up beads.

Some quick online research revealed that Mommy Necklaces can be restrung *and* if the necklace is less than a year old, fully replaced. I’m not sure how my son managed to snap the cord, which is tested at a “300 pound break strength,” but the company responded almost immediately to my email inquiry.

All I had to do was hunt down my proof of purchase from A Mother’s Boutique, pop it in an envelope along with my beads, and wait 2 weeks.

The new necklace showed up even sooner than promised.

I love that this company was so responsive and has such a nice replacement policy, and I’m glad to know even if my older-model necklace should break I can get it repaired for under $3.

Things are back to normal around here, which means I’m wearing my Mommy Necklace whenever I can to nurse my baby while my big guy wears his “mommy beads” to nurse his baby doll beside me.

Have you purchased a Mommy Necklace and loved it? Leave a comment to tell us all about it!

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