MomMe Meals

I’ve mentioned before that, while we all know fresh, whole foods are the ideal to strive for, sometimes we ┬ájust need some packaged foods. As a busy working mom, not to mention a mom still nursing and working out, I particularly seek out protein-rich healthy foods I can pop into my face when I’m . . . → Read More: MomMe Meals

Products That Prey On Moms’ Fears

Remember last week when I wrote about my concerns that my body stopped producing enough milk? And it was actually just a broken breast pump? I was alarmed by my speedy jump to distrust my own body and its biological processes.

This week, there has been quite the hubub online regarding a product that . . . → Read More: Products That Prey On Moms’ Fears

Mommy Necklaces: A Gush Fest

Long before I even began working with A Mother’s Boutique, I bought a Mommy Necklace for my first baby. I love that necklace, still, 3.5 years later, although my preschooler has taken ownership of it now.

As a baby, he really loved playing with it while I was nursing and I bought a color . . . → Read More: Mommy Necklaces: A Gush Fest

Off The Floor – Review

I rarely post product reviews on this blog. But every so often something comes along that I think has really great potential. When the makers of “Off The Floor” contacted me to review their new product, my eyes lit up. My son’s room is small – and there is always a mess on the . . . → Read More: Off The Floor – Review

Got Purses Review & Giveaway

I was contacted by Allison Monk of Got She wanted me to try out some of her items designed for moms on the go. I thought that the items she had were a good fit for new moms, so I agreed to take a look. Allison sent me a great flyer with a . . . → Read More: Got Purses Review & Giveaway

One Hot Mama….

This is Rachel. She runs a blog called Life More Simply. We are sponsoring her blog this month because she is having a fantastic baby shower event for her baby-to-be. Rachel is wearing the Annee Matthew Evita Maternity & Nursing Dress that we sent to her in this photo. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?? Stop . . . → Read More: One Hot Mama….

Product Review & Giveaway: The Golden Pickle – CLOSED

As part of my blogiversary celebration, Judy Kirby, author of The Golden Pickle, sent me her CD to review (and giveaway!!). Her company makes an audio CD for children called “The Golden Pickle” and it is full of stories that she told to her own children when they were young.

I’ll be honest, when . . . → Read More: Product Review & Giveaway: The Golden Pickle – CLOSED