Let Elomi Elevate Your Enormous Bosom

I’ve always had an ample bosom. That’s not entirely true–I still feel the sting of hurt from eighth grade math class when AJ slid a calculator across the table and it said “BOOBLESS.” I sure showed

Elomi nursing bra

Look at this bra, holding up her ample bosom. You, too, could enjoy such support for YOUR ample bosom!

him! Even before kids, I rocked a DD.

I didn’t get a proper bra fitting until I was pregnant with my second son, and at that point I was wearing a 34F.

Now, 23 pounds and yet another baby later, I knew I needed a new bra. I’m tandem nursing and I can just feel that my bosom is sagging. I never really felt supported, even in my beloved full-bust nursing tanks.

So. When I drove up to A Mother’s Boutique for a fitting, I found out I’m now a 36I. Like ice cream. I!

But nobody in the store batted an eye at this. Instead, they just handed me not one, but five different bras to try on. So just know that if you have large breasts, you still have options!! Some were even pretty! With lace!

Amber asked me what I was looking for in a bra and I wanted underwire, wide straps, and comfort.

I tried the Biscuit and it was just ok for me.

I tried a Sophie, and it was just ok.

Then! Then, I tried on the Elomi. Oh my! For the first time in years my bosom was elevated and separated. It looked almost perky!

I had no spillover. I had a smooth line on my shirt. I had wide, comfortable straps. Instead of my boobs banging into my postpartum belly, they bonk me in the chin when I look down.

I feel like the prow of a ship. I bought 2.

I had totally forgotten what it feels like to wear a bra that both fits and supports and now I never want to go back.

I will say that, for me, closing the nursing clasp is a two-hand job, which is an adjustment when I’ve been used to snapping something opened and closed quickly. But come on–this bra is really doing some heavy lifting here. I’m glad the clasp is heavy duty.

I need to point out that I received an employee discount to purchase this bra, but my overwhelmingly positive opinion about it is my own and I would have happily paid full price.

So often, I hear women with similar bra size ask for something “quality and inexpensive.” I don’t believe those words can describe the same product. I wear my nursing bra almost 18 hours a day, and I plan to be wearing it for another 18 months at least. I’m confident my two Elomi bras will see me through (if I keep remembering not to put them in the dryer…I do stick them in the washer because they get spit up on a lot). This bra costs $55, and that feels like the right price for what I’m asking for and what it gives in return.

If you, too, sport a pair of ice cream scoops (size I! I still can’t believe it!), I hope you’ll take the Elomi for a ride.

Do you wear the Elomi? Leave us a comment to share your experience!

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