Back to School!

It’s back to school day for my family. This year, it’s also back to work time for me (happily, I’m not pumping since my wee babe is 16 months old now). I have my schedule set up just how I like it this year: I’ll be working 2 full days while my older son is at preschool, I’ll be home with just my younger son 2 other days while the big guy is at preschool, and I’ll be home with both kids on Fridays.

Felix loves wearing superhero capes and flying in the yard. I'm learning this home alone with him!

Felix loves wearing superhero capes and flying in the yard. I’m learning this home alone with him!

I got a small taste of life with just my little dude this summer while Miles was at zoo camp. I’ll tell you, it’s very odd to be home with just my Felix! He’s such a calm baby, with an utterly opposite temperament from Miles. He doesn’t seem to need me to be up his gig every second of the day, and so…it was a little bit boring the first morning we spent just the two of us.

I looked at him, contentedly playing with cars all by himself, and realized I could absolutely be watching Breaking Bad if I wanted. And so I did! For about twenty minutes until Felix wanted to nurse.

Even though this increased work time for me will be a big change for our family this year, I sort of look forward to the school year feeling a bit calmer. The summer has been very intense with lots of running around and activities and, of course, two little boys home with me in the house. While the mornings will be hectic getting everyone out the door on time, once I get to work, I’m just THERE with grownups.

Actually, I’m teaching college freshmen this year, so I’m not entirely immersed in grownups, but these young people will be trying to avoid me while my young people try to cling to me!

And then I’ll have those two full days with just one kiddo, my younger, calmer kiddo. What will we do together? When Miles was little, I was such a new mom. It took all my courage to take him to the park. Plus Miles is very intense, an orchid child. I’m so used to constantly tending my delicate flower that when I’m alone with Felix, I feel like a new mom all over again.

I’m learning how to be calm with him, how to enjoy letting him explore and play independently. Yesterday, I stood back and admired as he slowly climbed a play structure and slid down the slide on his belly, all by himself. All he asked of me was a smile at the bottom of the slide. It was awesome!

So I feel like I’ll be returning to mom school this fall, learning all over again how to parent this child in this moment. I’m so glad I get this chance!

Did you get to spend one-on-one time with your younger child(ren)? Leave us a comment to share your experience! 

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