Advances in Baby Snot Sucking

My toddler has a cold. It’s either a new cold or an extended version of the one he caught at Thanksgiving. It was keeping him up late screaming, making it hard for him to nurse. We’ve all been there, right? Looking down at our poor, congested babies and wishing we could just give them a Sudafed to dry up all that darn snot!NoseFrida image

My older son refused the snot sucking bulb so violently I just never bothered. I knew my younger son was really having a hard time when he brought me the squeezy bulb from the bathroom cabinet. “Suck, Mommy?” When telling my mom friends about this, I learned that many, many of my close friends use the NoseFrida.

You know that Swedish gadget where you put one end in baby’s nose, the other in your own mouth, and you physically suck the snot out of your child? Using your mouth? Many of my dear friends have described the process as effective, awesome, and absolutely satisfying, akin to peeling sunburn or sheets of wallpaper.

Apparently there is a filter, so even if you suck too voraciously, you won’t end up with a mouthful of your baby’s boogers.

Most people I know blast a shot of breastmilk up their kids’ noses prior to sucking and, as the instructions say, “you will hear and see the mucous coming out of the nose.”

I’m scared to try it. I’m using the squeezy ball plus vaporizer, and I think I’m the only one left.

We even sell other brands of “baby nasal aspirators” that involve Mom sucking out the snot with her mouth. There’s a whole line of these products!

So that leaves me wondering: do you use one? Can you tell me why I should start?

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