This Week in Celebrity Breastfeeding…

Earlier this week, Gisele Bundchen instagrammed a picture of herself nursing her baby while a team of helpers styled her hair, her nails, and applied her makeup. She tagged the picture as “multitasking” and “gettingready.” Gisele breastfeeding while getting pampered

I thought the photo was awesome. Here was this mama acknowledging that in order to look that good, she needs a team of stylists working with her. She knows that the average nursing mom needs to do all of those tasks one at a time, working around the baby’s feedings.

Which is why I usually have stains on my pants and poop under my fingernails.

She is also kicking up some feelings of envy from other working moms I know, who aren’t able to take their babies along to work and instead have to spend decidedly unglamorous hours with the pump. But her picture is, I think, a way to demonstrate that there could be another way. For many types of jobs, breastfeeding a baby at work can fit seamlessly into the day.

In this image, nobody seems to care (or even notice!) that Gisele is nursing her 12-month-old baby, who is happily fiddling with Mommy’s necklace. How great would that be?

Elsewhere in stardom, Penelope Cruz is also advocating for breastfeeding, telling Allure that she finds breastfeeding to be “addictive” and that she nursed her son for 13 months with plans to nurse her daughter at least that long. Well of course nursing can be addictive! I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to stay home and really enjoy nursing my babies, working part-time. I wish our country would mandate paid parental leave like the native countries of Bundchen and Cruz, so that more moms could feel glamorous while addictively nursing their babies.

Most of me is glad that Cruz’s message about nursing is going out to such a mainstream publication. The rest of me wants Cruz to post a similar picture of her beauty team helping her to maintain her nursing addiction.

Maybe if I get a white robe like Gisele’s I’ll feel a bit like she looks in that picture? Or would the robe just get yellow milk stains all over it?

Have you seen any celebrities presenting breastfeeding in a positive light lately? Leave a comment to share your experiences. 

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