5 Things You Need for Your Second (or Third…) Son

I’ve got 3 boys. By the time I was pregnant with my third son, I ran out of things to say when kind relatives asked me what I needed for the baby. So I thought about it and here are the essentials we bought to prepare for subsequent babies:

wrapped gift1. New nursing bras. Not only did I wear my nursing bras until they fell apart over the 2+ years I nursed each boy, but my breasts also changed sizes. Now that I am tandem nursing? They’re huge! I got refitted for new nursing bras during each pregnancy.

2. New bling. I got a new nursing necklace to wear with each new baby. These aren’t so essential with a newborn, but my goodness, it’s nice to have this for a distracted 8-month-old who would otherwise pull at my lips and teeth.

3. New nursing clothes. See how many of these items are actually for mom? I mean, they’re things that mom needs to feed the new baby, but still. Who doesn’t love a new dress that flatters a pregnant and postpartum body?

4. New socks. I always thought underpants would be the gross item of clothing I wouldn’t want to pass down. Turns out, it’s socks. My kids tear their socks to shreds, and each new baby got new socks.

5. New diapers. Even when I was cloth diapering, I still picked up at least a little new fluff for each new bum.

Pretty much everything else has been handed down. Did you get anything new for your second (or third) son? Leave us a comment to share your ideas!

Image source: Roberto Verzo/Flickr

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