Changing Up My Nursing Routine with Podcasts

Could you read while you were nursing your babies? My friends tell me all about the books and magazines they read while nursing. I’m not quite sure how this is possible, because nursing is a two-hand job for me. I need to compress or position one breast while using my other to support my baby, even at 9 equipment

Even if I’m side lying and I get a good latch and I maybe have a hand free, my curious little guy will swat at whatever I try to hold. This frantic reaching has been the norm for all 3 of my boys. They’ve ripped a few issues of my beloved Smithsonian magazine!

I’ve recently discovered podcasts. I might be super late to the party, but I know at least a few people out there don’t know what podcasts are. Let me tell you how they’ve transformed my nursing experience.

Podcasts are sort of like On Demand for radio. Much like I can search for and then watch any television show I want, whenever I want, using various streaming services, I can search for and listen to an audio show whenever I get a chance.

Like many people, I started this journey with the Serial podcast. Now, I listen to all sorts of things while I’m nursing my baby. Even late at night–I put the volume on my phone very softly and just listen to these friendly voices while I’m awake with my babe.

I learn things! I laugh. I feel aware of current events. I can still make eye contact with him while I’m listening, so that’s an added bonus for me.

My favorite podcast is The Longest, Shortest Time, whose tagline is “A 3:00 A.M. bedside companion for parents.” Every 2 weeks, they release a new episode at 3am! When we’re all up nursing…

This week, host Hillary even shared that she only had 1 nursing bra and then, when she was done nursing, none of her bras from before even fit her. We can help you with this, readers

Of course, I’m up nursing every day and this podcast only offers a new episode twice a month. I fill in the gaps with a show called Gilmore Guys and every now and then I’ll listen to NPR shows I miss during the day when I’m chasing my boys.

I feel much more informed about the world around me now!

Do you have a favorite podcast? Leave us a comment to share your list.

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