Product Review: Schlage Keyless Door Lock

Schlage Lock on Front DoorWhen I was contacted to review the Schlage Keyless Door Lock, I was thrilled. I have always hated my front door lock. It is difficult to open, I often can’t tell if it is locked or not and because of this, I never use my front door. Well the wonderful folks at Schlage contacted me and asked me to review their Keyless Door Lock. They have several choices of styles, colors and door lock types. I choose the deadbolt lock in aged bronze to replace the lock on my front door.

I have heard many moms say that installation was a piece of cake and I’d have to agree. I didn’t do it myself, but had my Dad do it for me and it took him about 30-45 minutes. It took a little longer than some others have quoted because my door wasn’t quite configured properly, so we had to really squeeze it in. But once it was installed it was SUPER EASY to program and EVEN EASIER to use.

What I liked:
1) This lock is very good looking. so no matter how fancy your door is, you’ll love to have this lock as an addition.
Schlage Lock Outside View2) This lock is super easy to program. I can have separate codes for my housekeeper and my neighbor – I can activate and de-active the codes as needed. This keeps my house safe and secure and doesn’t compromise the security of the code that I use myself. The “master” code is for my husband and I to use – and no one else uses it. When we go away and we have the neighbor watch our house, they get a code that is easy for them to remember. The housekeeper only comes once every two weeks, so she also has her own unique code that is easy for her to remember. When I change housekeepers or go away on vacation, I can deactivate her code in a jiffy!
3) This lock is even easier to use! I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to dig around for my keys when I am coming home. I just punch in my 4-digit entry code and my door is ready to be opened. It is fantastic!! If I am carrying groceries or carrying my son, all I have to do is punch in my code and I am good to go! If I am in the car and I forget something, I don’t have to turn off the car and take my keys with me. I just run up the front steps and open the door. Did I mention that I love this feature?…And for a new mom carrying a baby and a diaper bad and god-knows what else – this lock is a LIFE-SAVER! Now that I have one for the front, I’d love one for the back and side doors as well!
Schlage Lock, inside view4) The inside is as easy as the outside. To lock the door, I simply turn the lever to the lock position. To unlock, turn it again. It couldn’t be easier. It’s so easy, that I have a child-proof knob on the handle so that my son doesn’t escape all by himself!

What I wish this lock had:
1) This list is going to be short….in summary, I wish this lock either came in more colors or had matching door handles that could be purchased along with it. I love the aged bronze color, but it doesn’t really match my existing hardware. My hardware is aged bronze (but a different shade) on the outside and shiny bronze on the inside. I would like to have either been able to match my existing hardware better (different color outside than in) or even better yet, get new hardware for my door to match this beautiful lock! Schlage does sell handlesets separate from the keyless lock, but they have regular locks included, so it doesn’t’ appear that they have just the handle to pair up with the keyless lock.

The Schlage locks, in all of the styles and finishes, are available nationally at The Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, and Menard’s.

Do you have keyless entry on any of your doors? What do you like about it? Do you wish you had it? How would you use it if you did?

14 comments to Product Review: Schlage Keyless Door Lock

  • i have long been interested in keyless entry locks. this is cool. thanks for reviewing this.
    .-= Slee´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Why Did You Let Sister Play With My Hair? =-.

  • Good morning. We actually have a handle you can purchase to match your deadbolt keypad. If you go to you can purchase the handle. My only concern would be that it’s a lever on the inside handle not a knob (I see you have a little one and I don’t know how you feel about the lever). Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Tamara Sullivan

  • Ann Marie

    How much do they cost?

  • Hi Ann Marie, I believe the price varies based on which lock you get. I think mine was $179

  • Is it battery operated? I like this! Thank you for sharing.

  • Yes, there is a battery inside, I can’t remember what type…

  • Looks may be the key, excuse the pun, but how secure it is? No one has said anything about jamming, malfunctions or anything. Everything has a problem, what are the problems with this lock? I really need the pros and cons. thanks.

  • You are correct Carol – looks are nice, but if it doesn’t work – then what good is it! I have been using this lock for nearly a year now and haven’t had a single problem with it – it is easy to program and it works every time and it has never jammed. — Judy

  • Erinn

    Hi! Just so you know, I have the same lock and now have a huge issue. The lock is TWO MONTHS old and for some reason it stopped working completely. Stranded on the weekend with my baby and toddler while my husband is deployed. I left the key in the house, so I need to call a locksmith. The keys will not light up, beep, or accecpt the pin. It is as if the battery died(which should last 3 years as per the manual). Once I get back into my house (staying with my mom)I will be returning it to Lowes!!

    BIG CON: Dont even think about leaving a spare key around, because I was told that the key is a PIN override and the lock can be programmed with the key.

  • Hi Erinn, that really stinks! I would definitely recommend calling Schlage – I’m sure they will replace your lock and pay for your locksmith. Sounds like you got a lemon. Best of luck — Judy

  • Jim Frazon

    I have had 2 of these locks on my home for almost 2 years and have never had any issues what so ever. It does have a 9 volt battery in it and I do as with my smoke detectors change them once a year. so I don’t have any problems. I think most people wait till there battery starts to die before they replace it. Any way I love this lock it is the best. easy to program and even easier to use. and it is a solid dead bolt and very secure and safe when locked.

  • KJ

    We have had this lock for over a yr with no issues at all. We love it!! No more locking myself out of the house:)

  • Kyle

    I have used these locks in a nursing facility for staff only access areas for about 4 years. We have in excess of 40 in use. This is not their true purpose, but because of the reasonable cost compared to commercial electronic locks we went with these. The only downfall we have with them is that the small drive spring inside breaks. We now keep spare springs which Schlage would not allow us to purchase for repair. Some of our locks are used 100 times a day or more, so under normal circumstances, this should not be an issue to a homeowner. Make sure that you do carry your key with you, because that will still work in the event of an electronic or mechanical malfunction. The key is of no use for programing the lock, but if someone got inside and removed the lock they would see the programming codes which I do know some people do not change.

  • Bernadette

    I bought my lock last summer and loved it, then winter came around and have been unable to lock my front door twice.Like every morning, I would enter the code,wait for the cue to proceed to lock to door.On the two occassions, the temperature dropped below -30 degrees,and the door would not lock. I called the Technical Support in the USA as stated on the box. I was told that there were issues with the locks in cold temperaute and have since been rectified and there would be no problem in replacing the lock. Being from Canada, I was referred to a representing branch in Canaa, that also told me it would not problem to replace, but first I had to submit a picture of the lock and a discription of the problem. Which I did. Know I’m being told that the lock does not work below -30 degrees and I should use my Key, she even sent me a video of how to use the key. The point of buying a keyless lock, is not having to use the key. I have the same lock on my back door and haven’t had any issue with it. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting short end of the stick.


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