Nursing Pictures

When I was pregnant with my second son, my first son was 2 years old. We got the idea to make him a photo book filled with pictures from his infancy and to write a story about what babies need. He loved it! There was a page about how babies need lots of baths, and there were pictures of him in the bath.

mother nursing a baby in a chair

I love how he’s playing with his foot while he nurses.

There was a paragraph about how babies cry sometimes, complete with pictures of *him* crying. Sometimes, when his brother is crying, my older son gets upset but then starts quoting from his book. “Babies don’t have any other words to say what’s wrong!”

I wanted to devote a lot of text to babies needing to nurse, since I knew that was what would occupy most of my time and what might be the hardest thing for my older son to deal with. Now, I was dead certain I’d taken heaps of pictures of my first babe nursing. I can remember the pictures being taken, darn it! Even pics of him nursing as a two-year-old. But can I find these pictures? No, I cannot.

Maybe it was my mom always taking the nursing pics? And maybe she got rid of them since I commanded her not to post them on facebook. I mean, what’s the point of keeping a snapshot if you can’t put it on facebook? Haha.

I found just one nursing pic to put in the book and two others of him cuddling, perhaps having just finished nursing. It made me feel sad!

Because, as much as I gnashed my teeth throughout those long overnight nursing sessions, as much as I felt touched out or wondered if I would ever, ever, ever have my body to myself again–I miss cuddling him that way. I miss it so. Just like everyone said I would.

I became determined to capture more photographic evidence of my second baby nursing. There are more pictures of my areola in my phone than there are cleavage pictures in a bra store!

However, I wanted to share a picture my cousin emailed me. I love it so much. She snapped it at Thanksgiving when I wasn’t aware. My whole extended family is gathered around playing a board game. Everyone is laughing and there I am, nursing right amidst the activity. I’m wearing my favorite nursing necklace. I’m hogging the best chair in the room and nursing my Felix. I’m so glad this picture exists! It’s my favorite Christmas gift this year.

Are there any nursing pictures that you treasure? Tell us about them in the comments!

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