Is It Safe To Wear An Underwire Nursing Bra?

Lots of moms wear underwire bras – but when it comes to nursing bras, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to underwire bras.

Are they safe? Should I be avoiding them? Do they make them?

Licorice Underwire Nursing Bra by Cake LingerieMost lactation consultants recommend avoiding underwire for the first six weeks after your baby is born. The reason – because during this time, your body is making milk based on the hormones that were released during pregnancy – and many women will over-produce during this time. At around the six week mark, your body switches over from hormonal-based milk production to supply-and-demand milk production. Many women will notice a dip in their supply at this time and many women will also go down a cup size when this happens.

Once your body switches to the supply-and-demand mode of milk production, then it is generally safe for most women to start wearing underwire bras again. If you have a properly fitting bra, then you should be able to wear an underwire bra at any time – but getting one that fits properly is key to wearing underwire without problems.

Once you have had clogged ducts or mastitis, it is probably best to avoid underwire bras. The added pressure on your milk ducts from the underwire may cause a recurrence and once you have had a problem, you are more prone to having one in the future. If you haven’t had any clogged ducts or mastitis, and you have been properly fitted, then you should be fine wearing underwire bras.

And there are LOTS of great nursing bras with underwires!! Do you wear an underwire nursing bra? Did you wear one the whole time or only after the 6-week mark? What are your favorite brands? We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!!

5 comments to Is It Safe To Wear An Underwire Nursing Bra?

  • I started out with a wire-free bra for about the first 3 months. After that I alternated. Now my little one is 15 months old and I’m still nursing. Since I’m … the cup size department, it’s way more comfortable to wear an underwire. I actually just purchased the bra in the picture above. I love it. It’s supportive and actually looks good. Sometimes it’s difficult to find that combination in a larger cup size.

  • Thanks for your comment Amanda!! The bra pictured with this post is the Licorice bra from Cake Lingerie and it is one of our favorites! It is beautiful and supportive – and very high quality!! It just came out and it is already one of our best-sellers! So glad to hear that you like yours too! — Judy

  • Ruth

    That bra pictured above is beautiful!:-)
    I often wear an underwire nursing bra, and have never had trouble. I *have* had trouble if I wore a non-nursing underwire bra, though, even in the very same size. I can only guess that nursing bras are designed a little differently to avoid damaging breast tissue.
    I do think that a proper fit is the key most of the time. If your bra doesn’t fit, it’s safer/healthier to not wear it at all, no matter what your size! When dealing with problems, I’ve often had to go without for days on end; it works.:-) But it’s better to get a good bra that fits.:-)

  • Being a 36J, I’ve worn underwires the whole time — as well as I can get the fit (36H, because I have yet to find an underwire in a 36J!). If I don’t, things are just too droopy for comfort. But I do buy a quality bra and make sure the underwire is outside my breast tissue, and I take it off at home and just wear a cami. :) I’ve never had clogged ducts or mastitis, though I would reconsider my underwires if I became prone to them.

  • Hi Lauren, Thanks for your comment! I agree, finding underwire bras in your size is definitely challenging. I have a few great bras with underwires that come in 36J – check them out:

    Licorice Bra: – this is bra pictured in this post. Not only is it beautiful – but it is supportive and comfy too! It is quickly turning into one of my best sellers. It fits 32-40 C-J cups

    Smoothing Bra: – this bra has a seamless cup and offers superb support and lift. It comes in sizes 34-48 DD-K cups. You would wear the 36GG – which is the European equivalent of a 36J in US-sizing.

    I also have two others that go up to an I cup – which might work for you:
    Velvet Delight:
    Anita Underwire Bra:

    And several non-underwire styles with great support in a 36J as well.


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