Increasing Milk Supply: Add In An Extra Pumping Session

Lots of moms want to increase their milk supply for one reason or another. Perhaps you are getting ready to go back to work – perhaps you had a cold and need to get your supply back up again. What ever the reason, we have lots of great tips in our Pumping And Working Article. There were also a ton of great pumping tips posted on our facebook page yesterday, so please check those out as well! Today’s highlighted tip is:

Add in an extra pumping session

You have the most milk in the morning, so if you can pump then, you will probably get the most output, but anytime is fine – just do what works best for you and your baby. (For me it was 10:00pm!) The important thing is to try to be consistent. You won’t get very much milk the first few times you pump, because the pump isn’t as efficient as your baby and because your body isn’t used to having this extra feeding time. But do it consistently and your body will adjust.

What was your best tip for increasing your milk supply? Please leave a comment and share your experiences!

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