Big Savings On The New Purely Yours Ultra Breastpump

We have just received a hand-full of $25 off coupons to be used on the *NEW* Purely Yours Ultra Breastpump! This is a fantastic pump which you can read reviews about here and here. For a limited time we are offering $25 off of this great pump.Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Coupon

There is a catch, however.

You can’t place the order on-line. In order to take advantage of these great savings you have to visit our boutique or call us and place the order over the phone (724-934-8795) or send us an email with your ordering information (please don’t email credit card info – but you can email us your order and we will send you a PayPal invoice or call you for your credit card information).

Have you used this pump? Please share your experiences with our readers by leaving a comment!

1 comment to Big Savings On The New Purely Yours Ultra Breastpump

  • Elita

    LOVED my Purely Yours. No milk backs up into the tubing because of the closed system, unlike the Pump In Style. This new one looks great, too. The only bad thing about the PY is that replacement parts have to be purchased online, rather than at Babies R Us, Target, etc. so you always have to keep extras around for emergencies. They also have a list on their website of local doulas, midwives, LCs, etc who are certified to sell products/replacements, but sometimes even the closest person is not very close.

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