Best Nursing Tanks: Real Moms Share Their Favorites

Nursing bras work great with many shirts, especially nursing shirts–but sometimes moms want the full stomach coverage of a tank. Nursing tanks let moms nurse comfortably in any shirt they choose! In this best-of round-up, we asked real nursing moms to talk about their favorite nursing tanks.

Glamourmom Full Bust Nursing Tankglamourmom.jpg
I’ll start the gush-fest about this tank, because I never thought I was “eligible” for a nursing tank because of my large bust. I felt pleasantly surprised and supported from the moment I tried on this tank. Could I go for a jog in this nursing tank? No. Can I wear it to work and the playground and chasing kids around the museum? Definitely.

Bonus: It’s long enough to cover my entire stomach. All full-chested ladies know how terrible things get when a shirt rides up because our full bust tugs at the material the long way. Not this tank! I have one in each color.

Pittsburgh mom Stephanie Slogar agrees the Glamourmom is great, saying, “they fit so well and offer great support.” Shauna Marlowe, who describes herself as having an “extremely odd” bra size, says she, “love, love, loves” her full bust nursing tank. “They give me a nice shape and also cover my belly, which is a plus.”

Shauna did observe that the tanks get less supportive after about 6 months of wear. I’d agree with that, but still think even the saggy tanks are great “around the house” nursing tanks.

Dynashape Nursing Cami
dynashape.jpgThis is a pretty new product, but we’re having trouble keeping this tank in stock. It’s one of our lower-cost options (at $26, it’s quite a steal!) and, like the name suggests, offers some compression support. The bra section has removable cups for a seamless appearance.

Pittsburgh mom Chelsea Chase recently bought a few Dynashape tanks. She’s currently pregnant with twins and says, “I like this tank because it provides my stomach light support and coverage.” This compression is important to her because she’ll have a cesarean delivery and is looking forward to the support helping with her healing process. Chelsea points out that the tank offers “low support for my chest,” but she plans to primarily wear the tank around the house in the early weeks, when she doesn’t need as much bust support.

Undercover Mamaundercover.jpg
This product flies off our shelves. It’s basically a tank without straps, so moms can wear their own nursing bra and hook the tank onto it. It folds down when mama unhooks the nursing bra, so any shirt can become a nursing shirt. We actually got so much feedback about this product that we weren’t even able to include all the responses!

Betsy Sugg loves her Undercover Mama and says, “it fits really well and doesn’t get too stretched out if I wear it a couple of days in a row between washings.” While some people do wear these as regular shirts, Betsy uses hers as a layering piece and says it’s a staple of her nursing wardrobe.

Moms like Abby Kuftic appreciate the double connector hooking the tank to the nursing bra, which makes the tank feel “very secure” as it attaches to whichever nursing bra these moms think fits best.

Unfortunately, fit seems to be an issue sometimes with these tanks. Some moms said the tanks ride up, which might be due to some sizing inconsistencies. Megan Mihalko and Cassie Louis point out that different colors of the same style seem to be different sizes.

Katie Urban, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a tough time figuring out which size to order. She wasn’t sure if she should base her sizing on her pre-pregnancy body or her post-baby body! Nonetheless, she loved her Undercover Mama. “Unlatching it one handed is super easy,” she writes, saying this feature is a necessity when baby is crying to eat. “This nursing tank does its job and kept my belly and back covered and warm, or as warm as it will be with zero degree temps outside.”

Katie Joseph had no issues with her tanks riding up. She says, “I am small but have a large chest and most other nursing tanks did not work for me.” Katie J wears her U.M. as a layering piece and found that they “were a help in managing the loose skin until things tightened back up again.” For Katie, the tanks helped with her budget because she could use any shirt as a nursing shirt and didn’t have to buy pricey tops.

Have you found a nursing tank that you love? Leave us a comment to share your favorite!

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