Beat the Heat: Tips for Summer Pregnancy

My first and third sons were born in late summer, which is great now that they are here because we woman by a bathtubalways have nice weather for birthday parties. But my goodness, when I was pregnant in the heat and humidity, I sure felt miserable. Here’s what I did to beat the heat and stay as comfortable as possible:

1. Find water! We sell some fantastic swimsuits to cover your belly and these will work for nursing after baby arrives. When you submerge yourself and feel the water support that wonderful weight of your belly, you’ll forget how swollen your feet feel.

1a. If you have older kids who are already begging for the wading pool in the back yard, don’t be bashful about joining them. Last summer, my kids complained that I took up all the space in their pool with my big belly. Oh well!

1b. Cool baths feel luxurious. Whenever I could, I tried to take a long soak during the hottest part of the day.

2. Lime popsicles. Or whatever flavor you prefer–I craved zesty, zesty lime.¬†Chewing on ice cold pops, often in the bathtub, felt so much better than just sitting on the couch waiting for labor to begin.

3. Prenatal massage. A trained massage therapist should have special pillows or a drop table to accommodate your belly. You can lie face down and melt away in the air conditioned spa. You might need help to get up again!

4. Rings off. I was unable to wear my wedding band in late pregnancy, and I had to remove it by April for fear it would get stuck on my ballooning hand forever. I wore it on a chain around my neck instead.

5. Nap when you can. It sounds so obvious and it also sounds impossible. But your body is doing the hardest work it will ever do–growing an entire human being. If you feel tired it’s because you are tired! Think about all that blood your heart is pumping, all the extra fluid you are carrying around. Even if you can sneak 20 minutes in your car in the parking lot at work, you’ll feel so much better.

6. Drink extra fluids. Look how much of this list relates to water! It’s like we become mermaids when pregnant. Anyway, when you’re sweating like crazy, it’s important to drink extra water. The idea of plain water seemed unappealing to me when I was pregnant, so I’d add cucumber slices or fresh mint and lots of ice. I have a friend who buys ice from Sonic when pregnant because she just likes the taste of it so much better!

Were you pregnant in the heat of July or August? Leave us a comment to share your tips to beat the heat. 

3 comments to Beat the Heat: Tips for Summer Pregnancy

  • Chase Wilson

    These tips are great! My wife is pregnant right now and she says she is already getting really hot during the early summer. I am a little bit worried because this is a mild summer so far, and it’s just the beginning. I want to surprise her with some ways to help her be more comfortable. We both really like popsicles and swimming so that will be great! Do you have any more tips about how to be comfortable during pregnancy?

  • Stacy Thomas

    I didn’t think about the water like that. Personally, I have not been pregnant, but it sounds like I am going to want to be in the water a lot. Not having to deal with the full weight sometimes sounds like it would be really nice. Plus, pools help you “beat the heat”, as says the title of the article!

  • Ethel

    Remembering to treat yourself during pregnancy can relieve a lot of unneeded stress! Taking naps, baths and just relaxing in the pool is soothing and it beats being on your feet all day! I’ll remember these tips for my first pregnancy!

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