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In honor of A Mother’s Boutique‘s 20,000th online order, we are hosting a series of giveaways to share our favorite products with you, our wonderful customers!

Today, we’re giving away one Bamboobies Multi-pak in the winner’s choice of color. Bamboobies nursing pads

We love these nursing pads because they are made from bamboo, which means they are eco-friendly and very absorbent. The super soft pads have a waterproof backing so you don’t leak through to your clothing.

The heart shape isn’t just for looking cute–when you put these pads against your breast, they conform to your shape without buckling. This means they don’t show through your clothing.

The pack comes with a set of nighttime pads, which are thicker and more absorbent. The nighttime pads are round…but the appearance of nighttime pads doesn’t matter as much!

Bamboobies can be laundered and reused time and again–just don’t use fabric softener! This will cause them to repel liquid and you definitely want your nursing pads to absorb your milk instead.

We love that the pads are designed here in the USA and that this is another small business with great ownership.

Would you like to win a set of these fantastic Bamboobies nursing pads? Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Congratulations to our winner, Gretchen S!

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21 comments to Bamboobies Giveaway

  • Gretchen Sheridan

    Reusable nursing pads are great! Disposable pads always end up like taco pads in my bra.

  • Sarah Carlton

    Yes please! I’m about to have my third baby and for some reason I don’t have ANY nursing pads yet. >_<

  • Veronica Bohan

    I only ever leaked in bed. I woke up soaked once.

  • Elizabeth

    My daughter is nearly 6 weeks old–my whole life is one giant leak still! I did order some bamboobies and prefer the fit to my disposable ones for sure!

  • Ashley C

    Thankfully I dont’ have a leaking story yet, but there is still plenty of time for that to happen!


  • Bianca Munoz

    I remember when I had my first baby…I took a much needed nap. And when I woke shirt was soaked. I remember feeling confused! lol But then I realized it was just milk… haha thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kristin

    I would love reusable pads – the disposable ones become a pain in the butt!

  • Jenn H

    laying in bed with everyone one morning and my husband panics that someone wet the bed…. yah nope. milk spraying everywhere.

  • Jessie

    I use these every day and would love another pack! The only afternoon that I forgot to wear them, I soaked through my bra and shirt…as I was asking for directions to a hiking trail from a park ranger. I hope he didn’t notice!

  • Sarah

    Luckily I only leaked “through” at home. But one time I was stuck in an airport and came dangerously close to a visible leak. Always carry an extra shirt!

  • Alona Y

    I lucked out in not having any leaking issue when out and about, unfortunately it’s more of a supply issue!

  • Dagmar M

    leaked through at home and my husband couldnt stop laughing at me!!

  • Lanae

    For my baby shower I was given a box of disposable nursing pads. Being my first baby, I didn’t think twice about them and happily looked forward to using them. When I had my baby (just 3 months ago) and my milk came in, EVERY time I slept I woke up with the pads soaked through and my shirt soaked all around them. I figured that’s just the way it was! It wasn’t until I bought another brand of disposable pads that absorbed a million times their weight I realized the other ones were just cheap, lol!

  • Beth

    I sprayed while getting a spray tan. AWKWARD!!

  • Candice

    I don’t have a leak story yet, but I will be a new mom soon and really want bamboobies to be the reusable pads I use! I’ve watched a ton of reviews and they seem to be the best!

  • Sabrina

    Could have used some today when I leaked through my shirt at work!

  • Jessica S.

    Thankfully no real leaking issues out and about but in bed I struggle to find pads that are absorbent quickly enough, unless I apply pressure milk always seems to come streaming past the pad across my chest as I nurse LO on the other side. I have one pair of Bamboobies overnights and they don’t leak!

  • jessica eapen

    One time I leaked on a jam packed subway!

  • Anna

    Leaking while in a meeting a work. All the men in the men in the room were embarrassed. I laughed. It’s natural and I need to feed my baby

  • Stephanie Coldwell

    I never had a problem with leaking once my milk started to settle down. I woke up once with a wet shirt/bed.

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