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Does your baby hate to be in the car? Does he/she cry while you are driving?? Does this stress you out as much as it did for me? When my son was a baby he HATED to be in the car. Other moms would take a drive to calm their babies – but mine just screamed!! He would cry where ever we went and by the time we got there, I would be on edge! The minute I took him out of the car, he would promptly fall asleep. So what did I do? Well I certainly couldn’t stop driving – so I thought:

Maybe he is lonely! Maybe he doesn’t realize I am closeby – even though he can hear my voice or even though I am playing his favorite music!

So I went out and I bought a TON of those “links” teething toys. And I strung them across the back seat of my car. I hung little animals and toys from them and I mixed up lots of colors and shapes and even types of links.

The Result: A MUCH happier car ride. Now my baby had something to look at while we were driving and he didn’t feel so alone in the back seat. And me – well lets just say it did wonders for my nerves! Our car trips were no longer dreaded adventures!

Do you have any tips or tricks for babies that don’t like car rides? Please leave a comment and share them with our readers!

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  • Those links are awesome. After picking up my daughter’s toys about 10 times at the mall yesterday, I decided I’m using them to hang her toys on her stroller. Sure, I could get one of those toy things that clips ON the stroller..but why, when I have approximately 5 millions of those rings lying around?

  • Alyssa

    WOW, great idea! My daughter is 6 months and we’ve been dealing with this since her birth! She is so unhappy riding in the car. Guess we’ll have to try your idea out, thanks!

  • Only in the last two weeks, we have had marked improvements on the crying front through the addition of toys. He is finally into them enough to play rather than scream, sometimes.

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