Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breastpump Review

By Mary Morsbach

As an exclusive pumper for 11 month old twins, I can sincerely say that I have tried my fair share of breast pumps. Whether it be a hospital grade, double electric, or manual, each pump has its benefits and shortcomings. Here is a little history about me; My twins were born at 34 weeks via emergency c-section and spent 3 weeks in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Forced to pump in order to give my babies breastmilk, I learned the ins and outs of pumping pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the support or encouragement to bring my babies to breast once their conditions improved. I clearly remember one of the NICU nurses saying “go ahead and try, but it probably won’t work” and unfortunately, she was right – I was crushed. The twins were accustomed to their pacifiers and the ease of bottles and had neither the patience nor desire to try and latch, which meant more time at the pump for me. I always said I would start a blog “Twin Tales at the Pump” but for one reason or another that never came to fruition.

There were many times that I felt like a prisoner to the pump but I knew I was providing the best nutrition for my babies.

Prior to the twins’ arrival, I had set a goal to breastfeed for a year. Since they were in the NICU, I knew that I had to find a pump that I was most comfortable with. I was given a Medela Pump in Style Advance (PISA) from my cousin, which I graciously accepted. While I wanted this pump to be “the one”, sadly it wasn’t for me. I tried swapping out the flanges for a bigger set hoping that it would ease the pain I was experiencing while pumping, but no such luck! I recall my Lactation Consultant/post partum-doula recommending the Ameda Purely Yours as a comparable pump to the PISA. I decided to purchase the Purely Yours in hopes of achieving my new goal of pumping for 12 months. So I did and I never looked back. For me, the PISA was a pinch, pinch, pinch sensation while the Purely Yours was a smoother suction.

My supply took a hit when the twins turned 9 months and I knew it was a matter of time before it totally dried up. I decided to look into other options to increase my supply. Again I turned to my Lactation Consultant/post-partum doula who recommended blessed thistle and fenugreek. This helped to even things out a bit but at 10 months my supply dipped down again. I decided it was time to step up my game plan and rent a hospital grade pump. I contacted Judy at A Mother’s Boutique because she was the only one who had the new Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Pump and was willing to ship it out. I was pleased with my Purely Yours and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the Ameda Platinum Rental Pump. When the pump arrived, I was so eager to try it out! It brought some new hope into my pumping career. Here are the things I love about this pump:

Digital Display – for speed and suction

Timer – such a simple feature but oh so useful!

Efficient – I have been using this pump for about a month and have been able to maintain my supply

Fairly Quiet – enough said

Bottle Holders – so you have a place to put the bottles without worrying about them falling over

Closed system – you don’t have to worry about milk or moisture getting in the tubes

Compatible with the Ameda Purely Yours Personal Use Pump – no need to buy any extra parts, tubing, etc.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this pump. Yes it’s heavy, but what hospital grade pump isn’t? One thing I miss about the hospital grade pump IN the hospital is the rolling stand the pump sits on so you can just wheel it around. I know this pump will help me during my last month of pumping. I am starting to wean down to four sessions a day and am having mixed feelings, it’s very bittersweet. I am thankful that I was able to provide breastmilk to my twins, even if it came in the form of a bottle/sippy cup. I feel a little guilty that it didn’t go as planned, but how many things in life do? I am also grateful to Judy for getting this pump to me as quickly as she did and I am grateful to my Lactation Consultant/post-partum doula for always being on my side, supporting me every step of the way. Overall, the Ameda Platinum Rental Pump is an excellent pump that comes highly recommended from an experienced pumper! Definitely worth the extra money if you are looking to establish or maintain your supply.

Mary is a SAHM to the twins, Nicholas & Juliana. They have 3 dogs and 2 cats (Dylan, Casey, Mikayla, Toby, and Ryley). The twins are the first grandkids on both sides of the family! The Lactation Consultant/post partum doula that Mary references in the above post is Marilyn Schulte, RN, IBCLC (Mother’s Angel).

Did you pump exclusively? What were some tips that helped to get you through the tough times? Please leave a comment and share your experiences!

2 comments to Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breastpump Review

  • Liz

    I EP’d for six months, and definitely felt like I was a slave to the pump. I quit earlier than I would have liked because I was battling with insomnia and was told (incorrectly) that I would be unable to pump and take the medication I needed to help correct the problem. I think the most challenging part about pumping was feeling like I was alone in my struggle–the percentage of women who BF isn’t very high; the percentage of women who EP is even smaller!
    Advice: set up a pumping area for yourself with all the things you could possibly need, including a laptop, book, or TV to keep you occupied. Make sure you get the right size of flange, it makes a HUGE difference! If you have flat nipples (like I do) make sure that the person who is measuring you is aware of this, and that they don’t guesstimate at the size you are because they can’t see where your nipples should go out to. Realize that EPing is way more difficult than BFing because you can’t EP in public (as opposed to NIP) and many people aren’t willing to/don’t understand your commitment making sure your babies get breastmilk. Be prepared to defend your position–loudly!–and if someone says to you, “I think I’ll pump, like you are,” make sure they know and understand just how taxing it is on a person. It is not an easy road to take!

  • Kelly Richardson

    That is an awesome story! I am glad I’m not the only one who didn’t care for the Medela pumps and had much better success with an Ameda.

    And having just gone through an early delivery and issues with the hospital staff supporting my decision to pump, I can sympathize with your experience. You did a great job pumping for twins! Yay Mama!

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