Accredited Breastfeeding Counselor!

I have exciting news! I have finished all my course work and am now an accredited Breastfeeding Counselor with Breastfeeding USA!Breastfeeding USA

It’s been a slow process (getting pregnant with my third son did nothing to speed along my studies!) but I’m so excited about my new opportunities to support mothers by offering evidence-based support and information about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding USA is a great organization whose mission is to provide evidence-based breastfeeding information and support, and to promote breastfeeding as the biological and cultural norm.

That’s it right there, but it means so much. What I hope to do with this organization is support working mothers who wish to provide milk for their babies at home. These mothers run into so many barriers to meeting their goals!

My other great hope is to support mothers breastfeeding after cesarean, particularly those mothers with babies in the NICU. I think these are some of our most vulnerable breastfeeding mothers, and they are stretched so thin with so much worry. I’d love to be an ear of support for them as well as provide factual information in the midst of messages from staff members or relatives who might¬†be…well, less supportive.

Finally, since writing is what I do best, I hope to help Breastfeeding USA develop more comprehensive online articles for moms searching for information. Maybe you’ll read some of them here as well!

Where’s an area you could use more support on your breastfeeding journey? Leave us a comment to let us know!


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