We Are Pleased To Sponsor TWO MOMS At BlogHer!

We have been given the extraordinary chance to sponsor two great mom bloggers and entrepreneurs on their trips to BlogHer. BlogHer is a conference designed to teach women business owners and bloggers how to best communicate with and add value to all of the millions of women who are out there in the virtual world of the internet and social networking. We are very happy to be able to help out these two mom-bloggers with their trips. We’d like to introduce to the women we are sponsoring:

Maria AmedaMommy Melee: This blog is run by a great mom, Maria! Maria blogs about all kinds of things from girl-talk to breastfeeding to just about any other topic that crosses her mind. Check out her blog! She also has a product review site called Your Mama Reviews, where she offers candid, informational reviews on a variety of products that every mom wants or needs. Her reviews are often accompanied by give-aways and she has even reviewed three different items from our boutique (here, here and here)! All around, we highly recommend checking out Mommy Melee and Your Mama Reviews! So what did we do? We saw Mommy Melee tweeting on twitter about how she was nervous about being away from her baby while she was at BlogHer and how she needed a good breastpump so that she could build up a supply for her baby while she was away and also so she could easily pump while at BlogHer. So, we carry the BEST BREASTPUMP that there is (the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra) – so we donated one to Mommy Melee for her trip! She was kind enough to send us a photo and will be blogging about her travels and adventures on the road with it! Be sure to follow her blog to see how it works out for her. You can see her first mini-review of the pump here.

Amy - Elle Nursing DressMom Made That: Amy who runs Mom Made That is a true entrepreneur! She runs several blogs & networking sites and is always looking for ways to help out other momtrepreneurs! Mom Made That is a site dedicated to showing moms how to support other moms by featuring business that are run by moms and featuring exclusive discounts and coupons for clients who visit Mom Made That and then purchase from one of its featured businesses. You can find our Boutique featured on Mom Made That here. Amy is very active on both twitter and facebook and has grown three great sites into great resources for moms: MomMadeThat.com, MomSpark.net and MomSparkNetwork.com. Through all of these sites, Amy helps moms to connect with other moms – whether it is for networking, socializing, sharing stories or supporting mom-owned businesses, Amy’s sites provide something for every mom! Amy is also attending BlogHer and when we found out, we sent her a GORGEOUS dress to wear so that she can look her best at some of the evening events at the conference. We also gave her a hand-full of gift certificates to our Boutique to hand out to other mommy bloggers who are either pregnant or breastfeeding. This way, Amy can look great, show moms how great nursing attire can be and help them to get their own items by sharing some gift certificates! So if you are going to BlogHer – be sure to connect with Amy and tell her you’d like to receive one of those gift certificates to our Boutique!

We are so proud and happy that we are able to do our part to help these great moms attend this wonderful conference. Please stop by and visit their blogs today!

Mommy Melee
Your Mama Reviews
Mom Made That
Mom Spark
Mom Spark Network

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