Breastfeeding Bloopers

I was inspired by this post that I saw on Cafe Mom last week called “Most Embarrassing Breastfeeding Bloopers.” It was hilarious! And it got me to thinking about my own breastfeeding bloopers.

My most embarrassing breastfeeding moment was actually a pumping moment. I was in my office at my job. I was lucky enough to have a private office with a door – so whenever I was pumping, I would close and lock the door for privacy, but would pump and participate in work via email or telephone or conference call – so I was always in touch. My boss at the time lived and worked at a site that was out of state – so it was rare that he was town and I needed to meet with him. I also needed to pump. I had been waiting for him to get off of his phone call so that we could meet. Finally, I decided he was going to be at least another 20 minutes so I went in my office to pump. About five minutes into pumping, I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door. I was attached to my pump, so I couldn’t get up and lock the door now, but the door was closed and most people wouldn’t just walk in they would knock.

A minute later, my boss knocks at the door and I shout “DON’T COME IN” and he opens the door. I dive under my desk and he turns around about as embarrassed as any man could possible get. Needless to say we had a very awkward meeting later day. Luckily I was wearing a nursing top – so there wasn’t much skin exposed at all.

My second most embarrassing moment was right after pumping at work. I had a meeting with the CEO of our company and I was in his office talking when I all-of-a-sudden realize that I had forgotten to redo the clasp on my bra after pumping. I was a 40G at the time – so my gigantic breasts were just floating free under my shirt – something that was very noticeable with such a large bosom. Once I realized what I had forgotten to do – it was all I could think about – I desperately waited for the conversation to finish so that I could leave and fix myself up – and I don’t remember A THING that he said to me because I was too busy stressing about my exposed bosom.

What are your breastfeeding (or pumping) bloopers. Please hop on over to Cafe Mom and read the great ones there! You will die laughing! And please take a moment to share your stories on our blog by leaving a comment on this post.

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  • What a great idea for a series of blog posts. I can’t really think of any embarrassing moments I’ve had. I know there have been some. I have felt uncomfortable breastfeeding around a few people in my life, but nothing noteworthy. I am looking forward to checking out the other stories though.

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