Wondering Little Hands

One of our readers has a question- and I’d LOVE to hear the tips and advice from you! I’ve always said that when breastfeeding you should follow (within reason) advice and tips from a variety of moms. What worked for your best friend, Sally, may not work for you- but a tip you caught in the latest issue of Mothering did the trick!

Hey Judy! I’m loving the new blog- you have some really great tips! I do have a question for you. I’m still nursing my 14 month and it’s really annoying as while I’m feeding him he’s always wanting to “play” with the other side. To me it just feels weird and I don’t want him doing that. What are some things I can do? I usually just hold his hand but many time he’ll fight me and squirm and it makes for a frustrating nursing session.
Thanks for any help you can provide me!

So ladies- I’m certain you have had this happen to you. Did it not bother you or did you try things like nursing necklaces to keep wondering little hands busy?

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  • My daughter didn’t do that, instead she would grab my arm skin and squeeeeeze, or grab my chest and scratch me up – I had marks and oh the pain! I tried holding her hand, too. It does frustrate them when they can’t do what they want, lol. Maybe she can try putting a toy in his hand or something? (Yeah right). I know, I’m not being helpful. I’ll be keeping track of this, I’m interested in the advice given. :-) I think my daughter just won her way in our battle of wills and I got used to the pain (probably not a good thing). But I wouldn’t like that either.

    Lindsey@A Kindred Spirit’s Thoughts’s last blog post..Adventures in Weaning

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