Why Do You Kill Frogs?

Green FrogHUH???

I was picking my son up from his preschool (he’s 3) the other day and we were standing in the hallway in front of many of his teachers and friends and he asked me “Why do you kill frogs?” I knew that I must be hearing something wrong! Here is how the conversation went:

DS: Mommy why do you kill frogs?
ME: What about frogs?
DS: NOT FROGS! Why do you kill frogs?
ME: Huh? What do you want to know? Can you say it another way?
DS: (reaching up and gently touching my shirt – just about chest level) It’s something that goes here.
ME: On my jacket?
DS: No, somethiing that goes UNDERNEATH your jacket and UNDERNEATH your shirt
ME: OH! Bras – why do I sell bras?
DS: Yes, why do you sell bras?
ME: Because there are lots of moms who need bras so that they can nurse their babies

At this point, I think it is obvious that my son gets exposure to certain things that many kids his age don’t. You see, I operate my breastfeeding boutique out of my home. Locally, new moms who are looking for breast pumps or nursing bras or breastfeeding clothing come by my home to shop. And often, my son is there when they come by. He loves to play with their kids and he loves to meet my customers! He will often ask “Mommy, are any customers coming over today?” And when he hears my computer “ding” notifying me of an arriving email, he says “Mommy, you got an order!” He also like to pretend that he is the delivery man and he rings the doorbell to give me my packages! Although, it took me off my guard, I was not surprised that my son was asking me about trying on bras. Just the day before, I had an expecting mom over trying on some bras!

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