What’s Your Word for Nursing?

Do you and your wee one(s) have a word for nursing? Both my kids started out with sign language, signing for “milk” before they could speak words.

It’s been interesting to me that my husband and I refer to “nursing” and “breastfeeding,” but each of the kids has his own word for nursing.

My older son, Miles, always asked for “nulk.” He was an early talker–he’d toddle up to me and say, “Can I have some nulk?” I remember once at the grocery store, when he saw the shelf of white gallons of cow’s milk, and Miles asked me if I made all that nulk. When I told him no, that it came from cows, he said, “COWS make NULK??” It blew his little mind to think about other animals having nulk.

(We’ve since bought a few of these books, which are awesome!)

When Felix was born, Miles got very involved in using formal terminology, often telling visitors, “Mommy is giving her breastmilk to Felix right now,” and other blunt statements.

Felix, somehow, has taken to calling our nursing sessions “milky.” He still signs for milk while he asks for milky, unless he’s upset. Then, he shrieks¬†milky!!¬†

What about your family? Leave us a comment to share your kiddos’ code word for breastmilk.

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