What’s Your Nursing Style?

How do you prefer to nurse your baby? What I mean is, are you an over-the-top nurser? Shirt up, bare midriff be damned? Lots of layers?

For my first son, I was an over-the-top nurser. I bought a bunch of v-neck shirts or wrap-style nursing shirts and just hefted my ample bosom over the top to feed him. I came to this arrangement after buying some shirts in each nursing opening style. (Did you know there were so many? I learned about them all very slowly.)

At first, as with many new moms, I was so modest and really tried to find a nursing opening that bared the least bosom for the least amount of time. Eventually, I realized it was just fastest to go up and over.

Oddly, with my second son, I don’t feel comfortable nursing this way. Or maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable? Or maybe it’s just that I discovered the full bust nursing tanks and never looked back?

My revised nursing style is: I wear the nursing tanks every day with whatever shirt I want over top. When Felix wants to nurse, I lift up my shirt and there’s my stomach, all covered up by the tank. So comfortable.

I can’t tell you how nice it felt to include turtlenecks in my wardrobe again. I love turtlenecks! I hadn’t worn a turtleneck for years.

So what about you? Leave us a comment to share your nursing style. 

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