What Do You Personalize?

I love personalized items. My son has a unique name, so anytime I can do a custom personalization for him, I do it! That way he can have a shirt with his name on it or some other personalized item that I can’t readily purchase off the shelf in a store. I also love to be able to share personalized things with my family for holidays. We usually have custom Christmas Cards created each year – so that our family and friends can “see” us, not just “hear” from us.

Minted Customized Wrapping PaperI just discovered a site called MINTED. Minted’s site is full of things that you can personalize. But what really struck my fancy with Minted, was their wrapping paper. From a personal perspective – I am so excited to give my family a gift wrapped in customized wrapping paper!! They are going to be so surprised to receive it. And who needs to wait for a holiday, I’ll be sending “just because” gifts – just because I have wrapping paper with my son and dog on it!

And from a business perspective, I am just as excited (maybe even a little more!). I offer gift wrapping on my website – and I have always searched for the ability to put my logo (a beautiful drawing of a mom nursing a baby) on the wrapping paper that I use for my customers too. Well, Minted had so many great designs – I couldn’t choose just one! So I picked 3! Which one is your favorite?

Minted Customized Wrapping Paper

I have purchased customized wrapping paper in the past. The paper always looked “pasted together” and not professional (even though I purchased it from professional websites!). The designs had seams and the images looked “superimposed” onto the paper instead of being “part of the design” like you would expect. The paper from Minted is absolutely beautiful! No seams, no awkward superimpositions. You get to assemble your paper online, preview what your paper will look like and then order it. It comes with a minimum of 5 sheets for $15 and you can order as many or as few sheets as you’d like – and as many different designs as you’d like too! Be sure to proof your paper though – what you see, is what you get! So make sure there are no mistakes prior to submitting your order.

I found the software easy to use and the designs to be amazing! They have designs where you can customize just the wording and others where you can add custom text and images too. I chose the ones with images for my designs. Which style would you choose?

This was my favorite!

What types of things to you personalize? Chances are they have it at Minted!

Disclaimer: I was given complementary wrapping paper as part of this review, my opinions are 100% my own

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