Wedding Season

Many moons ago, when I first learned I was pregnant, I wrote about locating a bridesmaids dress I could wear in my sister’s wedding and still nurse my baby. That wedding is approaching! And the week before it? My husband’s brother gets married in St. Louis. 

What this means is that my family, including a 6-week-old baby, is flying to St. Louis for a wedding September 20 and a few days after we fly home, we’re driving to Philadelphia for a wedding September 27. Doesn’t that sound agonizing? I mean the 2 weddings will be fun, but the getting there and back again and then jumping back into our real lives? That part sounds just awful. 

We weren’t sure whether I would be able to attend the St. Louis wedding, but our pediatrician gave us the green light to fly with our hearty newborn and I was cleared to travel since my postpartum recovery has been going well. Now everything is a mad dash to rent minivans and figure out our carseat situation for travel.

I have 3 kids now, so I can only achieve one (maybe two!) things per day. I’ve had to break my preparation list down very carefully to get us ready. Today’s big achievement was ordering diapers (for both the toddler and the newborn) online and having them sent ahead.

Eventually I’ll have to get dressy clothes for my boys and pack and print out birth certificates and shove all my liquids into small bottles in quart sized bags. For now, I’ll stick to feeling accomplished that my boys will have dry bottoms at our destination. More updates to come!

Have you traveled with a brand new baby? Leave us a comment to share your best tips!

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