We Won A Blogging with Substance Award!

Mommy News & Views Blog is super excited to receive the “A Blog with Substance” Award from Making Our Family Complete. This award is given to bloggers whose blogs have a reason and depth for existence.

I received this award from Making Our Family Complete. She’s a mama with a houseful of boys looking to add a princess to her kingdom. She describes her blog as “Sharing our adoption journey together!” Thank you so much Making Our Family Complete!!!!!!

To sum up our blog in 5 words:

~~ Breastfeeding/Parenting Advice For New Moms ~~

The rules for acceptance of this award are really simple:

*Thank the blogger who bestowed the Award on you.

*Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in 5 words.

*Pass the award on to 10 deserving bloggers.

Here are 10 bloggers who are extremely deserving of this award (and they are all strong breastfeeding supporters!:

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