Virtual Bra Fitting®

I have been doing a LOT of virtual bra fitting®’s lately. (Some have even called me The Booby Whisper!) I have to say, there is nothing more satisfying that helping a mom find a great nursing bra. I actually got a call today from someone that I have the luxury of doing an in-person bra fitting for and she was so thrilled that she was supported – she took the time to call me and tell me. There is nothing like the feeling of helping a mom find something that will make such a difference in her life! And believe me – a great bra makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE sometimes!

On Thursday night, this week, I am sponsoring a Live Chat on The Leaky B@@b facebook page. I’d love to have you join the chat! I also know that many, many moms are going to want their own virtual bra fittings during the chat. Unfortunately, due to the pace of the chat and all of the different people who will be interacting, I won’t be able to perform “on the spot” fittings on Thursday evening. So I wanted to create a place for you to come visit to sign up for your own Virtual Nursing Bra Fitting.

If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please leave a comment on this post. Please include in your comment the following information:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits (or doesn’t fit)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements. Please read this article to learn how to measure your self. Please give me the “actual” numbers – without any rounding.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email. No obligation! You can opt to purchase a bra or not. I am happy to help you out with determining your size either way.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like a Virtual Bra Fitting – please leave a comment on this post!

71 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Tracee Simpson

    Hi there!
    My measurments are as follows :
    above breast body:35
    below breast body:33
    around breast:38
    I have never been able to find a nursing bra that works for me. I need support after breastfeeding three kiddos, and i definately need comfort. my “favorite” bra s a barely there bra by hanes. It has a flexible underwire with no padding in the cup. It feels as though it is atleast a size too small in the cups, however. I am not currently pregnant but will most likely be in the near future. I am nursing an 8month old baby. I would really like to get a great fitting, comfy, pretty nursing bra!
    thanks so very much for doing this!

  • Katie

    I haven’t bothered investing in a new bra since I found out I was pregnant, and I’m not even sure if it’s worth it during pregnancy!

    1) Currently wearing a Victoria Secret 34D. If fits fairly well in the band, but I fall out of the cups.

    2) Above: 34.5
    Below: 34.5
    Around: 38

    3) Lots of support, preferably wireless (but would considered wired), lightly padded (enough to hide nipples), one pretty and one plain

    4) Currently pregnant – 23w 3d. Is it worth it to buy a nursing bra before baby is born?

    I know that you’re swamped right now, so take your time!

  • Samantha

    above 39
    below 38
    bust 42

    I am currently wearing a 38 E from motherhood maternity. This bra seems to fit I think. I still don’t feel totally secure in it though. I feel as if my boobs are falling out from the cups. I need a bra that provides a lot of support, wired, little to no padding (I prefer the shaped cups rather than the ones with no cups), pretty is a plus but not mandatory. My son is 7 1/2 months and no I am not currently pregnant. Thank you!!

  • Danielle Randall-Bartholomew

    Currently wearing a 36 DDD

    Upper 40 in
    Mid 44.5
    Lower 38.5

    Looking for:
    A LOT of support
    All I wear is underwire BUT I’ve been told this is not a good idea BUT I LOVE MY UNDERWIRE SUPPORT
    Needs to look good under a shirt (tee, tank, dress)
    Cute would not hurt but NOT fancy. lol

    Currently 35 weeks pregnant.

    Think that is it.

  • Nikki Glutz

    1) currently wearing a 36DD. It seems to fit fairly well, but the sides tend to roll and make it very uncomfortable. One I wear most of the time ends up being similar to a sleeping bra. I feel like I am falling out of my bra
    2) Above: 36
    Below: 33
    Bust: 40.5
    3) Looking for support, pretty
    4) I am nursing a 5.5 week old.

    Thanks so much!

  • April Perez

    1) At this moment I am wearing a Playtex Everyday Basics 42C with a 3″ extension at the back. It is too tight in the band and very uncomfortable. The cups give a lot of support, which I like, but I feel like they are set a little too close together, because I have the wrong band size. I am mismatched, with my left breast measuring about 2″ smaller than the right (either measuring chest wall to chest wall 12″/14″ or around the diameter of the breast15″/17″) I feel like the only plus about this bra is that the cup fits the smaller left breast, and because it is a full-coverage bra, the right breast is held in check and doesn’t spill out, but it is NOT comfortable and I get it off as soon as possible!

    2) Above breasts 48″
    Below breasts 47 1/2″
    Bust 53″

    3) I need lots of support! I prefer to avoid underwire, because if they fit one side, they don’t fit the other. I will be nursing so I would like either a nursing bra or one that has a stretchy neckline that can be pulled down and back up discretely under clothing (one handed) when in public. I don’t care if it is plain or pretty, but I don’t want bold prints that would show through a white or light colored shirt.

    4) I am currently almost 19 weeks pregnant with my 5th child.

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  • Lisa

    I’m so excited to have help with this! I’ve been searching for the right nursing bra/size for for 3 yrs!

    My measurements:
    Above the breasts: 39″
    Under the breasts: 36″
    Around the breasts: 43″

    I need a LOT of support. Underwire is a must, if a doesn’t have underwire I will not wear it out in public. I’m currently nursing my 4 month old and will be doing so until he’s 2 yrs, so I’d like to find a great nursing bra. I tend to look for full coverage bras, but no matter what I wear I still tend to fall out of them. Please help!

    Thank you so much,


  • Andrea

    I am wearing a padded, underwire bra from Motherhood that is 38E. It has fit me fairly well, but it’s stretched out after 2 years of frequent use.

    My measurements:
    Above the breasts: 40?
    Under the breasts: 38.5?
    Around the breasts: 44.5?

    I am looking for a moderately to very supportive bra with enough padding to keep the nipple from showing and not so much that it’s impossible to push out of the way when nursing. I need a serviceable, every day type bra (or two), but wouldn’t mind if it were cute.

  • Andrea

    Oops. And my second daughter is one month old!

  • Elizabeth

    Are you still doing the virtual fittings? I sure hope so – I couldn’t find my soft tape measurer until today!
    1) I currently have several different bras in various sizes. I guess the best fitting is a 34c. I’m always falling out of the top regardless of the size.
    2) below 27, above 29, bust 34.
    3) I’m looking for full coverage, lots of support, thin padding, underwire, plain, possibly a minimizer.
    4) Not currently pregnant. My baby will be a year next week.
    Also, I went to Motherhood Maternity at the end of December 2010.
    A 32B so wouldn’t fit!

  • Elizabeth

    Are you still doing the virtual fittings? I sure hope so – I couldn’t find my soft measuring tape until today!
    1) I currently have several different bras in various sizes. None of them fit right. I guess the best fitting right now is a 34c. Even if it feels like it fits, I’m always falling out of the top of the cups when I bend forward regardless of the size.
    2) below 27, above 29-29 1/2, bust 36.
    3) I’m looking for full coverage, lots of support, thin padding, underwire, plain, possibly a minimizer.
    4) Not currently pregnant. My nursing baby will be a year next week.
    Also, pre-pregnancy I measured 32D, but always had trouble falling out of those too. I went to Motherhood Maternity at the end of December 2010 for a fitting. She measured me over my clothes at 36E (incorrectly). I went back to another location a couple weeks later and she said there’s no way and measured me at 34D. Granted I weighed 10 or 15 pounds more then, but neither fitting got it quite right. Hope you can help!
    A 32B so wouldn’t fit!

  • Okay, I’m finally getting around to this:

    35 (band)
    39 (under arms, over breasts)

    I’m currently wearing a regular 38 DD Bali bra with a wire (That’s poking out and sticking me. But it gives me the most support and has thin straps so it’s the one I wear most often to work.) It’s also padded ever so slightly. This bra fits me the best of all my pre-pregnancy bras, but I do spill over the top a bit, especially toward the end of a work shift when I haven’t nursed in a few hours.

    I’ve lost a ton of weight since giving birth, but I CANNOT find a decent nursing bra. I would like one with a wire, if possible. And with FULL COVERAGE. For some reason every nursing bra fits me like a demi-cup, causing spillage. Thanks for your help!

  • And my baby is 8 months :)

  • Alison

    Oh my! I finally found my tape measure! Here we go…

    1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits (or doesn’t fit)

    I am currently wearing a 44F, I think. The tag has worn down to the point where I can’t see any writing on it. Lol. It fits alright, but the straps are constantly stretching on me. Sometimes I feel like I am hanging out the bottom a little, and sometimes I feel really supported. But, the weight of my breasts tends to make any bra I have give in to the weight, and then loses support. I only have one other nursing bra I wear, but that one has almost no support. It’s a very thin fabric, but fits well. So my boobs always look saggy and HUGE! Plus, you can see any nursing pads through it. The rest are all lazy at home nursing bras that have either stretched out of shape (with a few wearings), or are so snug they hurt because the next size was too big. HELP!

    2) Your measurements –

    Above: 40.5 inches
    Bust: 49 inches
    Below: 38.75 inches

    3) Honestly, I’m looking for comfort and support. Whether this has underwire or not, does not matter as long as it functions, does not make my boobs look like they are sagging, and feels great. The support is probably the number one factor though. With comfort being a close second. Cute or not doesnt matter. Padded or not, its always nice to not have nursing pads show. I still leak enough to wear them.

    4) My baby will be 6 months old next week and I hope to continue breastfeeding for another 6 months!

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  • Sharon

    Im nursing a 9mth old. And im planning on nursing until around 18mth. Im currently in a size 44G and im not getting the support i need. I was getting full support when i had my baby, but now my breast seem small and when i put measurements in they tell me i need a size K. I order a strapless bra in a size 44G and its way to big. please help vacation is soon and i need a strapless bra asap

  • Danielle Irwin

    Virtual bra fitting: YES PLEASE!!

    Hi Judy,

    Thank you so much for doing this virtual bra fitting for me. I am currently still nursing our 21 month old son. I have been wearing god awful bravado original XL++ for the last 21 months, I have NO support, look like my chest in sitting on my belly button and hate it. I have gone to store after store trying to find a bra to give me support and be functional with a nursing toddler every store in NJ has tried to sale me yet again another sports bra like these awful ones because they don’t have the size I need.

    I want plain, no underwire, simple nursing bras that will hold me in place.

    My measurements are

    under breasts: 47
    Breasts: 54
    Above breasts : 49

  • Diane

    Above: 31
    Below: 29
    Around: 36.5

    I am currently BFing a 5 month old. I’m looking for something pretty that gives a little push-up and also something that just gives basic support. It doesn’t need to be a nursing bra specifically, and light padding would be helpful since I still use breast pads.

  • Hi Judy,

    I hope you are still doing these virtual fittings. I got one done back when I was nursing my first child and now I am pregnant with number two! I am 18 weeks, so I’m not sure if I should be thinking about nursing bras yet, or just considering something more comfortable. My size definitely changed since I stopped nursing my son. I was a 40H or I when last we talked.

    I am still wearing a 40H, and it seems to fit, but my measurements have definitely changed. Really, it’s just getting uncomfortable in the wires, and my band sometimes feels tight (and sometimes just fine)

    My measurements are thus:
    Over- 40
    Bust- 46.5
    Under- 39.5

    I’m curious about my own assessment, this puts me at a 40F, right? That is very similar to what I was prior to my sons birth, and almost right up until birth. So, if things go the same way, I won’t see a lot of size changes until my milk comes in.

    Again, looking for something comfortable, although I have always wanted to try a Cake bra, they are so pretty…but maybe its too early for that?

    If there is a wireless bra that would support my size, that would be stellar.