Virtual Bra Fitting®

I have been doing a LOT of virtual bra fitting®’s lately. (Some have even called me The Booby Whisper!) I have to say, there is nothing more satisfying that helping a mom find a great nursing bra. I actually got a call today from someone that I have the luxury of doing an in-person bra fitting for and she was so thrilled that she was supported – she took the time to call me and tell me. There is nothing like the feeling of helping a mom find something that will make such a difference in her life! And believe me – a great bra makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE sometimes!

On Thursday night, this week, I am sponsoring a Live Chat on The Leaky B@@b facebook page. I’d love to have you join the chat! I also know that many, many moms are going to want their own virtual bra fittings during the chat. Unfortunately, due to the pace of the chat and all of the different people who will be interacting, I won’t be able to perform “on the spot” fittings on Thursday evening. So I wanted to create a place for you to come visit to sign up for your own Virtual Nursing Bra Fitting.

If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please leave a comment on this post. Please include in your comment the following information:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits (or doesn’t fit)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements. Please read this article to learn how to measure your self. Please give me the “actual” numbers – without any rounding.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email. No obligation! You can opt to purchase a bra or not. I am happy to help you out with determining your size either way.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like a Virtual Bra Fitting – please leave a comment on this post!

71 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Aleyna

    Upper bust: 41
    Below bust: 38
    Over bust: 49.5

    I am currently wearing a 38K Fancee Free nursing bra. I do not like the band on the bottom as it tends to pull up/roll up and I lose a lot of support. I’m also not sure that the cup is truly large enough on the left.

    I would love an underwire nursing bra, but not sure if it is the right choice considering my chest size. Support is really what I am needing. I don’t care about the looks at all. I just need a good fit and lots of support.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for this!
    1. I have two brands I’ve been wearing: Motherhood Maternity underwire size 40E, and Playtex underwire nursing bra 38DD. I like the underwire and need the support. I also feel more comfortable with fuller cup coverage.
    2. Upper bust: 37
    Below bust: 34.5
    Over bust: 42 1/4
    3. I need support. I’m also 20lbs lighter than when I started my pregnancy (yea, breastfeeding!), but I still have that back roll that seems to push the back bra strap up and thus allow the girls to drop. Is there a way to stop that? No need for extra padding – I have enough of my own. Pretty is nice, but a good basic bra that feels good is what I’m looking for.
    4. Not pregnant. LO will be 1 year next week.

    Thank you again!!

  • sarahq

    current bra size 36 DD
    my “best” bra the straps slide down and the band rises up in the back
    i like underwire because of the shaping it offers
    but the underwires dig in under my breasts
    but non-underwire bras give an unfavorable shape
    the piece between the breasts doesn’t lie flat
    the underwires poke my upper arms
    sometimes my breasts slip out from under


    i want lots of support, underwire, no padding (they’re big enough)
    my baby is 13mo

  • aly

    upper chest: 37.5
    lower chest: 35.5
    bust: 42
    My son is 5.5 months old. I’ve been putting off getting a good bra…I’m wearing a cheap underwire Bestform from walmart in 38D. I think it’s too small…my boobs spill over the top. I have to adjust the straps up so high to get good support that the band is very high on my back. I like the fact that it provides some lift and is made of cotton. my ideal nursing bra would lift my boobs up high and make them look smaller. I prefer underwire. I don’t care what it looks like as my boobs are in the upper quadrant of my chest again!

  • Stephanie

    Upper Bust 35
    Lower Bust 31
    Over Bust 38

    It seems if I went by these measurements I would wear a 36 B but that would be too small. I currently wear a 36D in an unpadded Best Form nursing bra. I mostly wear a size Large motherhood maternity padded sports clip nursing bra though. It’s the only one I’ve found that fits well and provides the padding I want in case I were to leak a little. I have 2 padded underwire nursing bras in sizes 36D and 36DD and the 36D is too small and the 36DD is too big. It’s been so frustrating trying to find a bra that fits. I would like a bra with good support and a some padding to prevent nipples showing and to soak up any milk if I were to leak a little.

    My son is 13 months old. :)

  • Terry

    Upper: 34
    Over bust: 35
    Bra brand is Bravado. Seems to fit fine. 36C
    I like support, no underwire, no patting, pretty or plain.
    8 month old baby.

    Thank you.

  • kristen maccione

    oK currently, I have a 34 or 36 d nursing bra (from when i first started nursing and right after birth) I know i am waaaay smaller than that. I have a few regular bras that are 34 c and the straps are adjusted to the tightest fit, but sometimes fall. Also my boobs peak out the sides near my armpit on those. I can NEVER find my right size!! I am looking for a pretty, padded bra maybe not underwire that won’t peek out much under tank tops. my measurements are (if i did it right)34,32,34. Thanks a million!!!

  • kristen maccione

    sorry. I have an 8 mo old and I am not pregnant.

  • Lola

    Below: 30
    Upper: 34.25
    Over Breast: 36.5

    Currently wear 34C in Pea in a Pod brand and Elle McPherson Intimates. Pea in a Pod is comfortable and seems to fit well. Yhe Elle brand seems too small and the bottom rides up over my boobs. Looking for no underwire, no padding and good support. Not pregnant. Baby is 4 months old.

  • […] you can get your virtual fitting started with Judy right away by reading and commenting on this post by Judy.  Be sure you get yours going so you can find a comfortable fit and quality […]

  • christine kangas

    Below: 29
    Above: 32
    Over Breast: 34

    I know a B is too small, and I got fitted at both Victoria’s Secret and Motherhood Maternity. The problem at MM was that none of their bras followed the same sizing and that one would be huge and one would be way too small. VS measured me at a 32C pre-pregnancy. While pregnant I measured a 32D, and wasn’t gaining at all in my ribs, so I ordered a 32DD/32E as well. I ended up fitting the 32DD/32E by the end of my pregnancy (easily!) and then it became too tight as I got my milk in (hello 32EE/32F!). My VS 32C bra now fits comfortably again although the straps sometimes fall down over my shoulder. Still, it’s hard to nurse in a non-nursing bra. I’m looking for no underwire (although my VS has some, so I will take it if I must), lightly lined (not PADDED, just enough to not show nipples if it gets too cold!).

  • christine kangas

    Okay, the straps do NOT fall down…. I just realized that somewhere between packing the bra up and digging it back out, the shoulder straps got adjusted to the loosest setting! Oops!

  • 1. I am currently wearing a 36E from Motherhood Maternity. Even after my twins eat I feel like my left (larger) breast is going to fall out of the bra. The only bras that are truly comfortable are my semi-supportive sleep bras, but they are not really holding the girls up. This band feels a bit loose at time and the cups just don’t feel like they are supporting me correctly. I also get some back pain if I wear it for too long.

    2. Measurements –
    Upper: 35in
    Lower: 34in
    Bust: 40in

    3. I’m looking for no underwire, supportive that almost feels as if I’m not wearing a bra it’s so darn supportive, padding is nice. I’d love something a little pretty. Mama misses feeling sexy. My twins are almost 8 months and I’ll be nursing for a while longer. I want to be Mama (functionality is a must), but still feel feminine!

    4. I am not currently pregnant, but my boys are almost eight months old now and they are definitely boob men! I don’t see them parting from their bubbie time any time soon.

    Thanks Judy!

  • Oh. The bra I am wearing is of the lightly padded, no underwire variety.


  • Marina

    HI!!! Ok, so I have a 1 year old. My favorite bra is one from Motherhood Maternity, under-wire, padded with straps that can be moved around (strait or crossed). It’s a 38E. My problem with it, quality. I have 2, they both broke with in 6 months or lees of use. I haven’t had a bra brake since I moved to the States from Argentina. Not even the cheap ones!. I’m looking for comfy, padded, under-wire, nice looking (doesn’t need to be padded)…I like the sport (crossed) straps.

    I’m not pregnant. Measurements: Upper 36.5 Under 36 Cup 41

    Thank you so much!!!!!! Marina. =)

  • Hi Ladies! Thanks for leaving your measurements. I am working on sending you each personalized bra fittings – it may take me a little while to get to all of you, but I promise you will have something withing the next day or two at the latest!! — Judy

  • hi!

    1. currently wearing a best form in 46ddd, it’s a soft cup nursing bra, but the cups droop and i get negative support, back lifts, straps start where they should on my shoulders and then slowly slip down the front. i also wear a motherhood maternity slightly padded underwire in the biggest size they have-which i conveniently cut the tags out of when i was preggo and itchy everywhere! i think they’re 46f, and i pop out the top juuust a little bit and they’re tight around the band as well.

    2. above: 47 in
    below: 49 in
    around: 56 in

    3. i am looking for my dream bra! :) and i’ve begun to think they just do not make nursing bras as big as i need. i would love to know if one existed, or if not, a non-nursing bra in the right size would be equally magnificent! i would like, underwire, support and enough padding so that nothing shows through!

    4. my lo is 11 months, nurses 80% of the time and i am not pregnant.

    thanks so much!

  • My upper measurement is 38, lower is 38 3/4, and bust is 50? I had a hard time with this because I don’t have a well fitting bra that isn’t too tight.

    I wear a soft cup Bravado nursing bra in size M (band) and xxl++ cup. It seems to fit, but offers absolutely no support. I also wear an Additionelle underwire sport bra (not ideal) in 42DDD. It offers slightly better support, but I am totally popping out of it (4 boobs!) and it slips up my back. I am nursing a 7 month old who eats solid food once per he’s still nursing frequently. I have a large bust even when not nursing though.

    I would like something comfortable with good support. I don’t care if it has bf-friendly under wire or none. I wouldn’t mind if there was something with really great support for when I leave the house and don;t want to look like my boobs are at my knees in public.

    Thank you so much! I’ll be at the TLB chat tonight.

  • Mary

    Upper bust = 38.5
    Bust = 43.5
    Under = 33.5

    I have 2 favorite bras. Both are 38DD and fit a bit snug. One is a duo maternity and the other is a dynabelly. When I put them on everything is fine, but as they shift during the day I find that my girls slip out of their cups (especially if I bend over). The band feels tight on both bras.

    I’m just looking for a bra that fits. I would love under wire, but I’m deathly afraid of clogged milk ducts. Pretty would be nice, but not necessary. My baby is 4 months old and exclusively breast fed.

  • ps. I’m also looking for a bathing suit and a sport bra that can go together and provide some support in the water so I don;t float away…

  • 1. Victoria Secret, 32D, fits okay. band rides up in the back, straps dig into the top of my shoulders, my “floppy” boobs spill over and out of the top of the cup.

    2. Above Bust: 31″
    Below Bust: 28″
    Around Bust: 35″

    3. Lots of support to keep the girls elevated. I’m used to underwire, never tried a bra that didnt have underwire. Light padding is nice for chilly days. Pretty or Plain is fine

    4. Not currently pregnant. Breastfeeding my 12.5 Month old son.

    Thanks for your help!! I’m so excited to hear back from you!!

  • Janece Molinuevo

    My measurements are as follows:
    Upper chest: 42 in
    Lower chest: 42 in
    Bust: 49 1/2 inches.

    My baby is 5 months old, and I am not sure when I would become pregnant again. Not trying, but not preventing :)

    I am currently wearing nursing tanks, due to them being the most forgiving on my fluctuation in size. I also have a Gillian Omalley from target- soft cup, 40c that was used during pregnancy, but now I am spilling over.

    I would like support, comfortable/breathable material, and either light or no padding. It would be nice to have a wire/wireless option. For me, fit is more important than pretty, but that would be nice too. Any help you can offer would be so appreciated!

  • Jackie

    I do not have a tape measure, but I am in desperate need of a good fit! I will be able to get back to you in a few days–will this service still be available?

  • jennifer weaver

    above 34″
    below 32.5″
    across 42″

    currently wear either a bravado or freya nursing bra in 34K.
    the bravado fits better, but the freya is much nicer looking.
    i also have an anita running bra that is pretty good.
    looking for extreme support in running bras and very supportive daily bras.
    never found underwire comfortable, but willing to try.
    not pregnant, my DD is almost 6 monts old.

  • Eowyn Whitesides

    I am currently wearing a 40G bravado bra. It feels fine when I wear is, maybe a little too squished. I don’t feel it gives me enough support.
    Below: 46

    I would love an underwire bra with great support. I would also love a bra that is low cut for my low cut shirts. (2 diff bras) I would love a pretty bra but that’s not as important as support!

    My daughter is 15 months and I am not preggo but we’re planning on it soon. I would like to tandem nurse.

  • Jennifer

    1)Current best-fitting is a Duo Maternity 42DD. Straps are comfortable but pretty wide (I’d like a smaller width strap). Under-bust band curls outward but fits. I think cups are too big, very little support.
    3)I’d like a no-underwire, supportive bra that has enough padding to hide nipples! Smaller straps that won’t show with tanks, and I’d love one I could wear with lower cut shirts that doesn’t come up my chest so far.
    4) My LO is just 3 weeks old so definitely not pg. 😉

  • Barbara Davis


    1. I had bought a couple more expensive bras when i was pregnant that i loved that were 36D but when my milk came in they started to really hurt in certain places and I ended up with mastitis twice from wearing them. So I got the walmart brand (bestform?) in 38D and they fit ok, but they have a seam that goes across the biggest part of my boob and it’s unattractive. I also bought one from Target that is 38C and it fits decently but it has no padding.
    2. Top 37.5
    Bottom 33.5
    Bust 40.5
    3. I would LOVE an underwire but I’m afraid I would end up with mastitis again or a plugged duct from it so I’ll stick with no underwire for now. Padding would be good since I’ve been unable to find one with padding that works. I just want a couple bras that are functional as nursing bras but also look good and lay right under my clothes so it isn’t obvious I’m wearing a nursing bra. One plain and one pretty would be good…my husband gets home from Iraq in a few months and I’ll at least need ONE appealing bra.. :)
    4. My daughter is 3 months old and I’m not pregnant

    Thank you so much!

  • Jacqueline

    1) I currently have more bras that don’t fit than ones that do :( I have a couple of 34Ds from Motherhood Maternity which fit well until I lost all the pregnancy weight and then some. Now the band is too big. I also bought a Bella Materna in 32C (I think it’s the smooth wirefree nursing bra) but my boobs threaten to pop out often, which is a shame because I really like that bra! The 32Ds in Medela and HOTmilk are the ones that (seem to) fit.

    2) Above bust: 32″
    Bust: 35″
    Below bust: 28″

    3) I’m mostly looking for something plain to go underneath clothing. I would prefer smooth/lightly-padded like a t-shirt bra, with a lower neckline for my pull down nursing shirts. Right now all the bras that fit are soft cup and I’m not quite used to that. I haven’t tried bras with underwires since I am pregnant, but I think I prefer without.

    4) My baby is 7 months old, and the above measurements are taken when “empty”. I think my bust can go up about an inch if my breasts are fuller.

    Thank you :) And while I’m getting help, do you think I could buy the Bella Materna bra in 32D and have it fit? The band fits well but my breasts spill out.

  • Cherie

    Hi my lo is 3months old. I am wearing a 36E minimizer from motherhood, very plain tan. I want something that is a little more pretty or sexy as my husband would say. My measurements are upper chest 36 lower 33 and bust 41 1/2. thanks.

  • Maryland Momma

    Upper 35, Breast 44.5, Lower 33. I’ve been wearing a 38 and 36DD from Victoria’s Secret… I know I’m bigger than that, I’m spilling out of all of them, but I like sexy bras. I always feel hotter when I know I’ve got some jawdropping bras on. The problem with them is lack of support and my nipples always come out of the tops of them. And my nursing pads always slide out and in a white shirt it looks really stupid. I’ve got to have underwire… I get tube-y boobies without it. I’m not pregnant and my baby is 7 months. Thanks! Oh and back bulge- blehhh… I’ve still got my extra pregnancy skin so HELLO back fat! Not pretty! :-)

  • Sara

    Above: 31
    Below: 30
    Bust: 34

    I currently fit best into a 32DD Whimsy (non-nursing, seems to run small) bra. I have yet to find a nursing bra that fits well. My LO is 14 months.

    I would love a bra with support, prefer underwire, shorter straps if at all possible (I am very petite and all bra straps fall off). Padding ok. I would love a “pretty” bra, but would happily take plain white/nude as long as I can wear it under a tank top without showing off the entire bra. I tend to gravitate towards HotMilk for the look, but would prefer something easier on the budget.

  • Patricia

    Overbust– 41 3/4″
    Underbust– 38 1/2″
    Fullest part of Breast 53 1/2″

    Last (sized) bra I’ve worn is/was a 38 J. The 38 fits great, bigger and my boobs fall out of the bottom. The J, I’m getting marks on my breasts from the cups.

    The type of bra I need is something without heavy padding, needs underwire (no underwire just simply doesn’t support, If I want them to hang, I’ll keep wearing my sportsbra, which has no support.) I’ll even take a non nursing bra just for the girls to be up again, and not reaching for my belly button.

    My 7 month old (almost 8)is nearly exclusively breastfed. She gets maybe, 1/8c of regular food per day (she loves pizza, she refuses anything pureed). I also pump throughout the day (donate to a localish mom).

  • Hi Jackie – yes, this post will up and available at any time – so just leave another comment once you get a tape measure – it will take me that long to go through all of the requests anyway LOL – Judy

  • Lori B

    above bust: 38
    below bust: 35
    across bust: 43.5

    I have a Medela underwire in a 36G. The underwire doesn’t quite lay flat against my chest. Feels like the band rides up my back and like the weight of my breast pulls it down in front (not uplifting!) Just tried a Le Mystere Sexy Mama underwire and while the band feels OK with initial try on, I am getting “muffin tops” or a slight quad-boob effect in front.

    My son is 7 months old.

    First and foremost I want a bra with great support. I generally wear underwire, but would not be opposed to a soft cup if the support is right. Pretty would be an added bonus, although I’ve almost given up on finding a pretty bra in my size!!

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  • Heather

    I have 2 bras and neither fit. The 44 DDD is too tight. The 46 DD is way too loose and has no support

    Above: 46 inches
    Below: 43 inches
    Around: 50 inches

    I desperately need a supportive bra! I hate going out in public because the girls are hanging so low and I feel self concious. I don’t need anything fancy, just a bra that fits well with lots of support. I don’t want an underwire because I’ve had mastitis 3 times and have heard an underwire can contribute to it.

    I’m not pregnant. I’m nursing my 14 month old son.

    Thanks so much!

  • 1) The only nursing bra I have that fits somewhat well is the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra by Bravado in a size Large. Sometimes I wonder if I need an XL though (I wonder if it’s too snug on the outer sides). I wear it on the loosest hook in the back.

    I also have three Elle Macpherson bras in the same style that don’t fit well so I can’t wear them. The straps are so long/loose that they fall off my shoulders and when I adjust them to make them tighter, the sides of the bras ride up against my underarms and it’s so uncomfortable. I have one in a size 36 FF & two in a size 36 G. I have another EM bra in a different style that is a 34 G that doesn’t fit either.

    I have a black bra with pretty lace trim on the band from “A Pea In A Pod” in a size 36E – I bought it while pregnant and it was great at first but it has underwire which freaks me out now because I’m prone to plugged ducts and will not wear underwire. I just tried it on and it seems to fit okay though.

    I used to like my Medela Comfort Nursing Bra in size XL but the top of the bra is so high that it shows underneath my clothing… peeps out of the top of my shirts in the cleavage area and the straps show too because it’s racerback. It also seems a bit snug on the outer sides. My breasts are really round opposed to cone shaped and I notice they are full on the outer sides.

    2) Above: 34″
    Below: 33″
    Around: 37″ (after nursing)
    38″ (when fuller before nursing)

    3) I’m looking for a nursing bra with good support but one that’s not too confining (especially on the sides) as I am prone to plugged ducts so also no underwire. I like plain, soft and comfy (organic/bamboo is great too)

    4) I’m not pregnant. I’m nursing my 6 month old baby boy. I also recently lost 55 postpartum lbs (I had gained 62 lbs).

    Thank you so much for your help :-)


    Top: 31
    Over bust: 35
    Under: 29

    I am wearing a Gilligan O’Malley (Target) nursing bra in 34C. I am nursing my 14 month old. However, I was a 34B before pregnancy and up to a D when they’re full :). I guess I’m confused b/c I’m in between sizes. I just hurt my left breast this week from sleeping in a bra that was too small. I will take any recommendations. Thanks!

  • My current bra is a 40DD. It fits nicely enough. I notice that sometimes I am a bit sore from the bottom bitting into me, but my boobs never hurt!
    Measurements: 41 1/2 top band & 38 bottom band
    Cup: 44
    Does that mean I need a 42B?

    I don’t understand because my 40D causes my boobs to flop out the sides and top :(

    Not pregnant! My baby is 9 months old and we plan to nurse beyond 2 years if she wants to :)

    Thank you for doing this for all the saggybaggy mommys.

  • Heather


    I am nursing and I have two bras that I have been wearing and one that I always go back to. The one I always end up wearing because it is the most comfortable out of what I have is a 40D nursing bra from Target. It has no under-wire and is giving me hardly any support, I always feel like it is making me look like I have rolls on my back too. The other bra I have I just bought after trying several on and now I am not happy with it either. It is a size 40E from Motherhood Maternity and it feels too tight in the band and causes major nasty looking fat right behind my arm pits. It feels more supportive (still no under-wire) but it is not comfortable for me at all. Both bras hurt my shoulders a little and the straps are always falling down on the one from Target.

    I have been doing no under-wire because I heard the wire can cause problems with nursing but maybe I do need to try one for support. I am interested in either as long as I can get some support. I also have to wear nursing pads so I prefer a bra that will hide the fact I am wearing them, so probably something with some padding. I tend to like plain bras mainly, I do go for light colors (nude, white, etc.) so I can wear them with everything, and I don’t really like a lot of lace.

    Thank you so much!!!

  • nicole weiss

    1) I am currently wearing a 36D that dosent fit, i am waayy to big for it
    I don have a good supportive bra so measure myself in but ill do my best lol
    under 32
    around bust 41
    top 35.5

    I am looking for a good supportive nursing bra, I like underwire but i read you shouldnt use it when nursing so i have stayed away, and im going to stay that way i think. I like a litttle padding just so you cant see my nursing pads not a push up or anything crazy like that

    im not currently pregnant, my son is 7 months

  • Sandra Jean

    So, I don’t even have a good fitting bra to use :( I have been living in bra tanks since giving birth because I just don’t have any big enough. I have a 34F that I was wearing during pregnancy that I can squeeze into, but I don’t want to wear anything too small.
    Upper Bust 32
    Under Bust 30.5
    Over Bust 41
    I would love a supportive bra without underwire if possible. I also need a bra that I can workout in (it hurts because I have no support right now). My baby girl is 10 week old.

  • Erica

    Upper bust: 38
    Below bust: 36
    Over bust: 42

    I’m looking for supportive without underwire. My baby is 7 months. I’ve always had the worst time finding bras – nursing or not. It’s like I’m a between cup size. I’m not quite a C, but too big for a B… blah. :)

  • Crystal

    Upper bust: 31
    Below bust: 27
    Over bust: 32

    I currently wear a 32B nursing bra from Target. It fits pretty well, I guess. I just want a pretty bra that’s a little sexier looking than the plain jane ones I have.

  • Crystal

    Sorry, submitted my comment before I was finished. I don’t think I need a lot of support since I’m not that big & don’t feel I need underwire either. My babe is almost 7 months. Thanks!

  • Hi moms – thanks for submitting your measurements and info! I am working on getting back to you all one-by-one. It might take a few days, but I promise, I will get back to each and every one of you!! — Judy

  • Upper Bust 37
    Lower Bust 33
    Over Bust 42

    I currently wear a 34 H/I Bravado Sublime. I need support, feel like I have a quadraboob going on. I have gone up to a 36/38 in the past, and it rides up, so I know the 34 is the right band. Finding cups that contain my girls is annoying in the least. And what is worse, is people don’t believe me that I need the size I do from outward appearances.

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Oh, I have been nursing for almost 3 years straight. I have a 10 month old DD as my youngest and no plans for pregnancy any time soon.

  • Brittany Kaminskis

    My current nursing bra is a 38D
    It isn’t supportive and when I’m lying down on my side my one boob always falls out it is super annoying…It also isn’t flattering it give the torpedo look :(

    Upper Bust: 40.5in
    Lower Bust: 37.5 in
    Over Bust: 45.5 in

    I’d like something versitile that is supportive and I can wear everyday but also makes me feel sexy 😉 It can have wire or no wire either way as long as it makes the girls look good :)And no more then $20 please. Oh and my son is 10.5 months old :)

  • Kelly Timberlake

    Hi! Currently am bfing a 3m/o, was a 34 D before, now have been wearing a 34 or 36 DD or E, but they are both too tight and uncomfortable. My measurements are:
    I am looking for a good comfortable bra, pretty isn’t as imortant as practical. I do want some lift though, and padding is a must.

  • Kari

    1) Currently wearing 36C not sure of brand. Not enough support or padding. Breasts tend to I still have to wear nursing pads to hide nipples. I have have had lots of trouble with blocked ducts, and 2 rounds of mastitis.

    2) Above:36.5

    3)I am looking for something with moderate support, probably no underwire(might consider underwire), padding(not excessive but enough to hide nipples), pretty or plain is fine.

    4) Not pregnant. Baby is 8 months old.


    I’m currently wearing a 36C(not sure of brand).