Transitional Pants

My son just turned 1 this weekend, and I’m still wearing my maternity pants. I’m doing so for several reasons.

First, I’m still about 20 pounds heavier than I was before I had this third baby, and the maternity pants are more forgiving than “regular” pants.

But! Maternity pants are just. So. Comfortable. I can’t see why I should go back to wearing uncomfortable pants.image shows Lilac maternity pants

Last winter, I bought a bunch of nursing tunics (like this amazing green one) and just wore leggings every day. As the weather turned warmer, I really didn’t care too much that I was still rocking maternity bottoms when I reached for my jeans and skirts.

Did you know the Lilac maternity pants come with actual pockets? Most maternity pants do not, so having actual pockets makes it a pretty hard sell to switch back to button-waist pants. Plus, these jeans actually have a fake button, so they look like regular pants.

Note: Lilac is the name of the company, not the color of the pants. Just in case you were concerned about purple jeans.

I know I’m supposed to celebrate the body I’m in and buy all new clothes that fit me right now, but the truth is that I bought maternity clothes that look nice. I’m done having babies, but I’m not done wearing the wardrobe I rocked while I grew them!

All of A Mother’s Boutique’s tops and dresses are meant to be worn during pregnancy and nursing. Many of the bottoms are labeled as “transitional,” too. It’s up to you to decide how long that transition lasts. Because really, why would you ever give up an elastic waist?

Did you hang on to any favorite maternity pieces long after delivery? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

Note: I purchased items mentioned, but received an employee discount to do so. All opinions are my own.

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