Things I Did This Week While Also Nursing

  • Assembled a spaceship out of Lego bricksbusy mom with mop and headset
  • Assembled a vampire castle out of Lego bricks
  • Tied (with one hand) the strings of a babydoll’s pajama pants
  • Made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Discussed mold remediation with a contractor
  • Made eye contact with one of my former college students, whom I was paying to help me move some boxes into my new house
  • Slept
  • Administered liquid Tylenol into a toddler’s mouth via plastic syringe
  • Clipped my baby’s fingernails
  • Searched my older sons for ticks
  • Ate some chicken, which I was unable to cut and so I just stabbed it with my fork and bit off chunks of it above my baby’s head
  • Re-watched that episode of Mad Men where Lane and Pete have a fistfight!
  • Read a lot of Beatrix Potter books out loud to my older kids
  • Refereed several fights over the last bowl of one cereal or another
  • Sang “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” to my nursing toddler, who slowly fell asleep in my arms
  • Checked Facebook a lot
  • Read Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons (it’s so good!)

What have you done while also nursing? Leave us a comment to share your favorites!

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