The Incredible Leaking Lefty

My baby is just about a year old and I’m STILL LEAKING. What gives?

Part of me feels excited to be leaking, because booby traps led me to a supply issue with my first son. Just having milk to spare feels delightful, even if it’s leaving circular stains on all my shirts. fresh shower clean blue water jet

But most of me feels overwhelmed and embarrassed by my dripping breasts. Plus, it seems odd to me that my left breast leaks more than my right.

(Do you notice one breast produces more milk for the pump? For me, lefty has always carried the team, so I guess that’s why she leaks more, too.)

I really thought I’d be done leaking by now. Actually, I thought I’d be done leaking by about 3 months when my milk supply leveled off.

Thankfully, it’s been very hot and humid where I live, so I pretend that people just think I’m sweating…in a circular pattern just around one nipple. What I need to do is stop complaining about this and start addressing the issue so I’m not embarrassed to hang out in public between feedings.

Throughout the day/night, I can wear reusable nursing pads to catch leaks.

But! (and this is exciting) during a nursing session, I can wear a milk-saver to catch the milk from the non-nursing breast. This milk can safely be stored and added to my freezer stash for my babe. In my case, I really only get a big spurt during the first let-down, but you’d be surprised how quickly all those trickles can add up to a bottle for my big guy.

Which is great, because I’m planning to stop pumping when he reaches a year–this way he can still drink my milk when we’re separated, and I don’t have to use my milking machine!

Did you continue to leak well into your baby’s first year? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

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