The Final Countdown: Stopping Pumping at One Year

My last-ever baby is 10.5 months old. When he turns one, I will stop pumping my milk for him while I’m working. I have no intention of weaning him, but boy! I’m excited to never pump again. Has anyone ever sat down to a breast pump and thought, wow! Isn’t this great? No. clock

I only work 2 days per week and I’m pumping twice per work day, which means I only have to pump 30 more times. Ever! Ever in the universe! If it happens that I need to be separated from my baby for an extended period of time, I’ll use hand expression to relieve engorgement. I don’t anticipate this happening.

I haven’t given him any cow’s milk yet, and frankly, I don’t know that I need to worry about that. He takes a cup of water with him to daycare and lately, he’s been eating not only his packed lunch, but his brother’s lunch as well. This baby will sit and eat an entire cheese quesadilla. I once watched, fascinated, as he ate a whole slider. So it’s not like he’s starving during the day.

I’m currently experiencing zero feelings of nostalgia or sentimentalism surrounding pumping. I hate doing it. I view it as something important that I deal with rather than something I cherish, like I do most nursing sessions with my baby.

I’m having all sorts of feelings about him turning one, but this particular aspect feels really freeing for me. Currently, for instance, if I have a 2-hour meeting, I have to make sure I time it so I get to pump right before or after. Which means making sure I’m in a location where I can pump, where I have access to an outlet.

A few weeks ago, I had to pump in my car on the way home from a meeting in rush-hour traffic. I got everything all situated and turned on my pump motor before pulling out of my parking spot, and spent the whole trip home hoping nobody in an SUV was looking down at my flanges.

These sorts of things won’t be part of my life anymore!

I can sit at a conference presentation without a rolling suitcase full of coolers and milk baggies.

If I meet up with some colleagues and they want to grab lunch or just brainstorm, I can do that without feeling like I’m on the clock (or worry about leaking).

My point is that I’m really excited to feel a bit more independent at work, without the distraction of worrying that my baby doesn’t have enough to eat. Only as this time draws to a close do I really become aware of how powerful and present nursing is in my thoughts every moment I’m separated from my baby. Working is important to me financially, but also as part of my identity. This countdown is an important one for me!

Maybe I’ll celebrate the end of pumping with a lovely new nursing bra…

Have you finished your pumping days? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

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