Ameda Purely Yours Giveaway

In honor of A Mother’s Boutique‘s 20,000th online order, we are hosting a series of giveaways to share our favorite products with you, our wonderful customers!

Today, we are giving away 1 Purely Yours Ultra double electric breastpump by Ameda.

From our perspective as a small business, we love working with Ameda. They . . . → Read More: Ameda Purely Yours Giveaway

Why is the APP Endorsing Formula Bags at Hospitals?

Recently, Women’s eNews revealed that the American Academy of Pediatrics logo is featured both inside and outside formula bags hospitals are giving for free to new mothers. According to the article (and happily, I can’t verify in person because my local hospital stopped giving out formula bags over a year ago!), the bags feature . . . → Read More: Why is the APP Endorsing Formula Bags at Hospitals?

Taxes, Health Insurance, and Nursing Supplies

We know that new health care legislation mandates insurance companies pay for a breast pump for nursing mothers, but we also know that the lack of specific language means some insurers only reimburse for a manual pump. Working moms who are separated from their babies need a double electric pump to express milk!

Thankfully, many major . . . → Read More: Taxes, Health Insurance, and Nursing Supplies

Similac Mom: Formula for Grownups

A friend sent me a blog post a few weeks ago explaining the release of a new product: Similac Mom. It doesn’t seem to be available in the US, but it sure is for sale in lots of other countries around the world. It’s a product designed for pregnant and postpartum women to drink, . . . → Read More: Similac Mom: Formula for Grownups

Victim Of Circumstance???

Yesterday, I wrote a post explaining why the WHO Code is so important. If you didn’t see it, please take a moment to look at it now.

Today, I want to talk about one of the companies that I work with: Ameda. Ameda is a breastpump manufacturer and a great company to work . . . → Read More: Victim Of Circumstance???

What’s A Girl To Do?

I have been up thinking about this post since last night when I received the email announcement about Bravado and Medela- and I have been working on writing it all day today. I’m not sure what I have written is even relevant to anyone besides me…but I need to get it out – so . . . → Read More: What’s A Girl To Do?