Evenflo To Become WHO-Compliant!

I just learned that Evenflo has announced it’s plans to sell it’s feeding business! it will now focus all of its sales and marketing efforts on breastpumps (via Ameda, who has always been WHO-Code Complaint), car seats, travel systems, baby carriers and more.

Evenflo use to be the only WHO-Code compliant bottle manufacturer in . . . → Read More: Evenflo To Become WHO-Compliant!

Importance Of The WHO Code

What is the WHO CODE? It is a “code of ethics” developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to regulate the marketing and distribution of breast milk substitutes. It is a VOLUNTARY code which companies, medical facilities, doctors and organizations are encouraged to follow, but it is not mandatory and there are no repercussions . . . → Read More: Importance Of The WHO Code