Blogiversary Celebration – Sassybax – CLOSED

Sassybax is a company that prides itself on innovative bras! And boy are they ever! You know those “rolls” that you get across your back from where your bra “cuts” into you? Well, Sassybax was founded on the premise that women shouldn’t have to have those unsightly rolls. All of the Sassybax bras and . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Sassybax – CLOSED

Sassybabe, Sassybax Or Just Plain Sassy!

Underwire Torso Trim

SASSY Savings!


Don’t you just hate the “rolls” and “buldges” that are produced when wearing most bras?? Well, if you haven’t heard of Sassybax, then let me tell you about them!!

Sassybax was started by a woman who also hated the “lines” and “buldges” that were left behind by her bras. So she invented . . . → Read More: SASSY Savings!