Pumping in Public…With an Audience

The past week has been really crazy for my family. My husband was unexpectedly hospitalized (with Lyme Carditis, which means he has Lyme disease and the bacterial infection has spread to his heart). They expect him to make a full recovery after a lengthy and aggressive treatment of IV antibiotics. 

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Airport Lactation Pods

Burlington’s airport (in Vermont) recently unveiled a new lactation station–a pod-like space called a Mamava. I think this is fantastic! Not because I think mothers should be “sent” in there to nurse their babies, but because traveling moms who need to express their milk have a serious lack of options in airports.

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My Wedding Pumping Fiasco

You guys! What a weekend! My husband and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, one that I’ve been excited about for a long time. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that my youngest son won’t take a bottle, but I really hoped to leave him home for this one because it . . . → Read More: My Wedding Pumping Fiasco

Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Pumping and Storing Milk

We’re getting in a little late for 2012, but Mommy News & Views is excited to participate in the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Sisters N Cloth. This week’s topic is pumping and storing milk. Boy, do I have a lot to say about that!

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