Managing Oversupply

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Earlier, we read about Renee Prymus and her experience with dramatic oversupply. Many women reach out for support with their oversupply and aren’t able to find much information regarding engorgement past the newborn stage. In addition to causing painful discomfort for mothers, oversupply can cause babies to have colicky symptoms, as . . . → Read More: Managing Oversupply

When Oversupply Becomes Painful: Renee’s Story

Many women speak about challenges balancing and maintaining their milk supply. Today, we chatted with Renee Prymus–who has so much milk she once pumped 10 ounces in between her newborn’s feedings–about her nursing journey with baby Siena (3 months).

Renee, baby Siena, and Kylie Prymus

Mother’s Boutique: When did you first notice that . . . → Read More: When Oversupply Becomes Painful: Renee’s Story