Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed

In all but 3 U.S. states, women are protected by a law allowing us to feed our babies anyplace we are legally allowed to be. And yet, nursing mothers are harassed Every. Single. Day. for trying to feed their hungry babies. And these are just the cases that make the news! For every mother . . . → Read More: Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed

Nursing in Public: Utilize Pack Mentality

Lately, I’ve been talking with a lot of new moms about getting the hang of nursing in public. I remember how challenging that was, when I had my first son. In addition to feeling totally vulnerable about everything in the world, you’re out in public with a crying, hungry baby. In my case, I . . . → Read More: Nursing in Public: Utilize Pack Mentality

Nursing Abroad

I traveled to Belize for a wedding last week. My husband and I left our older son with his grandparents, but took our baby along because he’s nursing. It seemed so obvious to us that he had to accompany us–how would he eat otherwise?? Plus he’s a really easygoing little dude, so we knew . . . → Read More: Nursing Abroad

First Time Nursing In Public

I’ve talked before about my early experiences nursing in public, but it’s always a topic that bears repeating since it can be such a vulnerable time for new mamas just learning the logistics of nursing…and finagling bare breasts out of the comfort of their home.

I think the first time I tried to nurse . . . → Read More: First Time Nursing In Public

Public Nursing with Toddler in Tow

By the time my first son weaned at 27 months, I was pretty slick at nursing in public. I could pop that kid on and off mid-conversation and sometimes other people didn’t even notice. But it’s all so different trying to nurse a baby with an older brother around!

Perhaps the only aspect of . . . → Read More: Public Nursing with Toddler in Tow

Nursing on Weeds

**Spoiler Alert!**

I have a three-year-old and a five-month-old, so I’m a bit behind on my television watching. The other day, I finally got a chance to watch the series finale of Weeds and was surprised to see breastfeeding prominently featured in the show for a second time.

In season 5, Nancy Botwin had . . . → Read More: Nursing on Weeds

Covering Up – Who Decides?

I was reading the PhD in Parenting Blog the other day and came across this fantastic video – that I just had to share. It really gets to the heart of the matter. I have always supported whatever is right for each mom. If using a cover helps a mom to continue breastfeeding longer . . . → Read More: Covering Up – Who Decides?