Setting Limits for Toddler Nursing

I come before you as a woman doing something I never thought I’d do: I’m nursing my 3-year-old…and my baby. But the 3-year-old! It’s so different nursing a great, big child. It’s often frustrating, but still rewarding enough that I haven’t felt it necessary to wean him.

What I have done is set limits . . . → Read More: Setting Limits for Toddler Nursing

Night Weaning

My kids don’t sleep for very long intervals. At our house, the phrase “sleep like a baby” is code for “wake up every 2 hours” or “only fall begrudgingly asleep after extensive marching, jiggling, and rending of clothes by your grown-ups.”

My Felix, at 17 months, still wakes twice each night. This is sort . . . → Read More: Night Weaning